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Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair transplant before and after, which is a surgical operation, there are points that need to be taken care of by patients. The care and care of the patient is directly effective in order to perform a smooth operation, then spend the recovery period more comfortably and achieve the most natural result. If the necessary care is taken after hair transplantation performed by an experienced doctor, there is no unexpected result.

No matter what technique and method of application the hair transplantation operation will be performed, the patient should be informed in detail about all possibilities, indications and complications. At the preliminary interview, what needs to be done before and what needs to be considered after hair transplantation should be explained in the smallest detail. Having the patient know about all stages will reduce stress caused by the operation, as well as prevent concerns.

Hair transplantation procedure should not be considered as a simple procedure. As with all surgical procedures, some complications and complications may occur during the operation or after hair transplantation. For example, ignoring the doctor’s advice and not decapitating the use of such drugs before surgery, despite the use of blood thinners, can cause serious bleeding problems. For this reason, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations and recommendations in the period before and after hair transplantation.

Things that you should pay attention to hair transplantation before and after

During a preliminary interview, you should give your doctor detailed information about your health history. If you have any ailments that you are in the treatment stage or conditions that require regular medication use, such as diabetes, blood pressure, ulcers, you should tell your doctor about the medications you are using and the period of use.

1 week before the operation;

  • Aspirin v.b. blood thinners or anti-clotting drugs should be stopped.
  • Alcohol use should be stopped for 1 Week if possible, if not 3 days before the operation, as it has a blood-thinning effect. (before and after hair transplantation)
  • In order to avoid the negative effects of nicotine on the body and any problems during the operation, smoking should be stopped 1 week before, at least 3 days before, if possible.
  • Consumption of multivitamin preparations containing vitamin B and
  • Vitamin E, or herbal teas containing these vitamins, should also be stopped because they have the effect of increasing bleeding.
  • Strenuous exercises such as cardio or bodybuilding should be left 1 week before the operation.
  • Consumption of caffeine-containing beverages and nicotine for one day before and after hair transplantation should be strictly stopped.

Day of operation;

  • Your hair should be washed.
  • Jelly for your hair, hairspray v.b. chemical hair stylers should not be applied.
  • No local medications should be applied to the hair and scalp.
  • On the day of operation, it will be best to choose clothes with a button or zipper in front, a wide collar, and comfortable to take off.
  • If the operation is in the morning, you should have breakfast, and if it is in the afternoon, you should have a light lunch. You must be full during the operation.

A hair transplant operation is a type of operation that does not require a hospital stay. After the procedure, the patient can return to his or her home or hotel to rest. It is recommended not to drive for at least 6 hours after the operation.

The first 48 hours after the operation is the most critical process. During this process, all kinds of contact with the recipient area should be avoided. After two days, which is extremely important for the adaptation of hair follicles transplanted into new areas, the first hair washing process is necessarily performed by experts.

First three days;

  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
  • Blood thinners such as Aspirin should not be taken.
  • The patient should avoid activities that will tire himself out, rest as much as possible.
  • The treatment area should not be in contact with water unless permitted by your doctor.
  • After hair transplantation, medications prescribed by your doctor, lotions and shampoos recommended should be used as recommended.
  • It is useful to keep your head as high as possible so that the edema caused by the operation passes more quickly.
  • For the first 3 days, it is necessary to avoid contact with the sun of the hair transplant area. When you need to go out, a hat made of soft fabric should be used that will not tighten your head.

For 15 days after Operation;

  • The Transplanted Area and donor area should be protected from all elements and contact that will damage the hair follicles, such as pillows. Back position should be preferred when sleeping.
  • It is recommended to lie down on a hard and small pillow or by placing a rolled-up towel under your neck, there is no harm in lying down on the donor area of the patient.
  • It is recommended to wear clothes such as wide collars, zippers or shirts for 15 days after the procedure. The reason for this is to prevent damage to hair follicles during clothing change.
  • Hair cutting can be started with scissors, provided that it does not come into contact with the scalp. However, in order to receive any kind of hairdressing service, 45-60 days must have passed since the operation.
  • The Transplanted area should continue to be protected from contact that may cause trauma.
  • Bath, sauna, pool or sea should not be entered for 15 days or even 1 month if possible, the area should be protected from intense sunlight.
  • Hair drying should be done with light movements with towels, hair dryer should not be used.
  • Sexual intercourse is not recommended for two weeks after surgery.
  • After surgery, itching sensation may occur in the transplanted area due to crust and healing. The area should not be itchy and should not interfere with the bark with the nail. If the crust lasts longer than 10 days, you should definitely contact your doctor.
  • For 15 days after the first washing process, the hair should be washed with plenty of water without pressure, 1 time every day.

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