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Guide for the Injections That You Need While IVF Treatment?

While women plan to take the treatment of IVF, she has so many things to do herself or else needs to be followed by her nurse who cares for her. One of the things they have to do is that she needs to give herself an injection every day nearly 10-12 days. Those injections are designed to help or the hormonal stimulant in her body collects lots of mature eggs. With that, she can fertilize eggs, which gives them a greater opportunity of embryos which are utilized in the IVF treatment.

Some More Guide To Know About IVF Treatment:


Most of them believe that once they start the treatment of IVF, they think they will have become parents within time but they don’t know sometimes there may also be a little sadness due to some issues. There may be no guarantee to have success in the conceiving in case. 

“IVF treatment doesn’t give a 100 percent guarantee to get success in the pregnancy,” said by one of the expert specialists. Mostly the changes will depend on women age, and the eggs and some other factors specifically occurred to a couple. Nearly 37 per cent of women’s reproduction cycles will be a success and rest of them may not have a chance. 


A woman’s cycle will be around 28 days long according to research, but in this IVF cycle, it takes more than 28 days.

“People don’t recognise the time that the IVF process takes,” said one of the mothers who gave birth for two children with the help of IVF. Once women have decided to take the treatment of IVF, then she will be called to the fertility clinic when she gets her first period.

Even the other two days also she needs to visit a doctor for blood checkup as well as an ultrasound. At that meeting, she will be receiving the medicine for birth control, nearly for two weeks.

Then next she comes to injections. Most of the women will inject themself for 10-12 days, who knows.


Taking infertility treatment may be a stressful thing, that there is no surprise to get depression and tension which are commonly brought for the couple—especially for the mothers—who gets ready to take IVF. 

“All new mental issues may occur, or preexisting issues may grow more which are severe during this infertility treatment,”.

“Emotional support needs to be given, and honest dialogue regarding the stressors need to be established. This may get from a partner and close friends or family, or with therapists.” 

These are some of the things you need to know before you are going to choose the treatment of IFV. Women need to struggle so many issues if she starts the process of IVF, and also there will be no guarantee to get success in it. Rather than these, there is also other treatment to take to have a pregnancy which is known as iui treatment in chennai. If you don’t have trust on IVF you can choose an option of IUI process which is also similar but there are more chances in these treatments compared to IVF. 

If you have any doubts, make sure to visit a doctor before you take the decision to take the treatments of these both. It is better to take suggestions from doctors that they will check you and give the best options to proceed. We hope these articles will be helpful for you to make the right decision in giving the birth to the baby. 

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