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Google Reviews: An Identity Card to Businesses

Have you seen the products your colleagues use? You want you to have it. So you Google the product read the reviews and make up your mind to use it. The above notion is quite common.From children to adults, people check the reviews before purchasing a product or service! So, you see how important a Google review is. Now suppose you have started a new business and you want to build trust among customers. What tool do you use? A Google Review. A Google review builds the audience to talk more about your products and the search engine blesses you with good ranks. Good ratings can increase engagement and help you acquire more customers, thereby increasing profitability and sales.

What is a Google review?

Google Review is a tool that helps the businesses prove themselves to their customers. It is an easy to go tool because, you can easily go online search for the business you took services from and can easily review them. It is a convenient step, because the user does not has to download any app.

Although your product description is interesting, Google reviews are still an add-on. Reading Google reviews will win customer adoption. Today’s customers are smart enough not to be fooled by attractive offers. So what do you choose? They would rather look for. Influencers give good reviews on social media handles or the Google reviews. Both do count for trust and first purchase of the product. The first impression is the last impression.

Feedback is important to turn your first customer into a regular customer. Google reviews are important to your business’s reputation, ranking, and revenue.If your business is not getting noticed in Google Comments, then these are the reasons why you should stop!

• More the reviews,

More the Potential Customers. A survey suggested that about 88% of people will choose online products and services on recommendation from their family or loved ones. If your reviews are strong, it is more likely that a customer will land up on your page due to search engine optimization and you will get a potential buyer.

• More Reviews,

More Confidence An average person reads upto 10 reviews before making a decision about a product or service. If there are too many good positive reviews on your business, people will feel more positive about taking your business.

• Higher reviews,

Higher ranks With good reviews and maximum customers reading about your site, the search engine gives you priority and your ranks build higher. Ormbooster is a platform, which helps the new business to build up with a facility to buy Google reviews and manage their rankings on Google.


• Lots of Reviews:

All free of cost. You can endorse the customers to leave a review and all of them are free of cost. You can pin too many reviews and that are monetarily free. So, you don’t pay and you can enjoy rankings. No matter how many dollars you spend on advertisements and campaigns—Nothing can match the priority of Google reviews. To make a business flourish you need to be social and transparent.
Google Reviews offers both. The positive reviews from real time reviewers helps the customer decide whether to interact or not to—to engage with the audience or not! The reviews push them towards conversions.

Good evolved businesses understand the power of Google reviewing, so they have formed ways on how to excite customers for more reviews. Sometimes, when customers view products, services, or companies, you will find offers and rewards. If you are newbie, and donot know what involves a Google reviewing, here are the steps and ways to review a business.

1) Information about Google Rules and Policies.

While, reviewing a business you must know certain terms and condition. It should not contain any statements that induce customers to receive any particular type of offers or rewards for every review you submit. Or any such question which directly puts up a question like, Was it a good or bad experience?

2) You need to obtain ownership and provide the location of your business. Make sure your business or organization is on Google Maps. With the enhanced policy, it is not possible to have a Google review for a business without it showing up on Google Maps.

3) Verified Google Business. You need to verify your Google business, before you take to implementation. The verification is only possible, if you create a Google Business Account. Next, you need to claim your business with that account.

Does Google Review actually works? Yes, indeed it works. That is why Google itself created it! Following are the true examples of business benefitting from Google reviews.

1) Shannon Fine Jewelry:

A jewelry store that crossed 200 reviews. It is a 5 star review store. What is the reason behind its success? Well, it is just the reviews instigated new customers to trust this business and buy more.

2) Gallery Furniture

It is a business with 9500+ reviews.The company made so much profit that it used the number of listings for marketing strategies and obtained higher search rates based on reviews and comments on its website. The number of inbound customers have increased with increased number of calls to the company. The traffic building is high.

3) Zerorez Carpets

A carpet company having 1300+ reviews making it the most brought products business. Additional, they invested in improving their customers’ service for the high number of customer trafficking.

4) Paul’s Pest Group :

With positive reviews, being new in the market, it still made to the top. Thanks to the customers who provided their reviews and feedbacks. Thus, you carefully notice how a simple Google review can change the game of a business in the market. So, what should you focus on? Generating reviews. How can you do that? Well, here are the ways.

1) Teaching Customers how to do it! The customers need to find about your business on the Google map. Find the Google review section. Prompt review and Tap it. And, then you need to review it.
2) Use Google comment link
The user can easily review their businesses without following long tedious method. What you can do is, use the Google review link. This shortcut help the reviewing shorter from willing and happy customers.
3) Reviewing through a short link. You can add anchors around your website and the customers can click the link to add reviews for the services they are availing.


4) Linking Google Reviews

You can link reviews for your Google business account. All you have to do is to link your Google reviews account to the official company account and get customer reviews. Through Ormbooster you can get maximum Google reviews and ways to link the reviewing site to your business.

5) Create a Google review page on your company website.

You can have a Google review page on your website. There is a complete content on this, where the customer can look upto the entire page that contains existing recommendations and places where new customers can add recommendations.

6) Add a call to action footer in Google Review.

You can add the Google review CTA in the footer. Scrolling down the website, the customer reaches the pages where the customer can review the organisation. There is various anchor text where you can link upto new reviews .

7) Creating Cards.

An eye catching card is used by many companies, so that the customer reads and thinks of linking a review. You can add a small anchor link, below the card or template so that the customer reaches the google reviews and the satisfied customer can link up the article.

8) Ask for reviews in person.

If someone reaches you with a call or any offline methods do not worry about the review. You can still ask them to leave you review. The trained employee can go like ’Thank you sir, you reached our company. If you liked our service. Please leave us a review’.

Do not let it hard for your customers to reach your review pages. Always, add a link to the card ; so that it is easy to review the organisation.

9) Emphasize how easy it is to create customer reviews.

You need to make sure that your fastening technique is simple and straightforward. Take a few minutes.The review client can clarify the situation in his mind
a ) A long review is not needed. It should be a short review.

b) If the customer cannot make up their mind what to write, he can surely leave a star rating.

c) To make it feel less cumbersome always be polite.’Leave a review’ looks good and polite.

10) Email campaigns and surveys.

You can send periodic emails and short surveys about your organisation, where they can leave a feedback about your business. In such a way, the customer while taking the survey can give reviews and will not have to take out time for reviewing your business. You can save your and others time too.

With importance of reviews and its possible ways to implement we can convince to write feedbacks. And, customers too need to realize the importance of reviewing and its factors that boost the businesses. Ormbooster, is a site where you can learn about reviews, and let the users review for long terms.

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