Google Pixel 6 5G : Everything you want to know

A new product called Google Pixel 6 5G is announced. It was created to replace the existing mobile phone and tablet that we use today. We will discuss the beauty of this new technology and share our experiences on how we use it in our daily lives.

The Google Pixel 6 5G is the next generation of the Google Pixel phones. The new phone can connect directly with your mobile data plan and provide you with a consistent experience across all devices.

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If you are wondering whether to buy the theoretical Google Pixel 6 5G or not, I’ll tell you why without hesitation. Being an Android enthusiast myself, I always love to find out the ins and outs of my smartphones. While Google’s Pixel smartphones are somewhat different from the other ones in the market, they certainly deserve much more attention than what they receive right now. So I decided to write this post to share with you all the little pieces that make these devices so special.

What makes Google Pixel 6 5G so special

google pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 5G is the brand new smartphone in the market after the launch by Google. With its great features, performance, and specifications 6 5G has mesmerised everyone. Though it has already captured the minds of people across the world, there are some doubts that are not cleared yet. The main question that arises in people’s minds is about its price concern. At the moment, it is true that many other brands are providing quality similar to 6 5G at lower prices than what it has been offered so far.

A smartphone that’s quite special. If you are an Android fan, you’d know it for sure! Google released its flagship smartphone Pixel with 5G support just recently. Needless to say, the new Google Pixel 6 5G has become the talk of the town. You’ve probably read a lot of articles or watched some YouTube videos on the subject, but there is still so much left unsaid about this handset!

Are you looking for a 5G phone that is slim and easy to handle? Then you need not look beyond the Google Pixel 6 5G. 

The world of technology is filled with surprises. A few months back, the talk was all about the never-ending battle between Apple´s IPhone XS and Samsung´s Galaxy S10. There was also the unveiling of Google Pixel 3, Google’s own smartphone which introduced a lot of surprises. However, the news no one expected to hear was the unveiling of Google Pixel 6 5G.

The Pixel 6 has drawn a lot of interest because it will be the first phone to come with 5G internet. Existing 4G network offers fast internet service but is not as fast as the next generation, 5G.

Google Pixel 6 5G Specifications

The new Google Pixel 6 5G will be running Android 9 Pie with some exciting hardware upgrades. Probably the most exciting feature of the Google Pixel 6 5G is its 5G connection. What are the specifications of Google’s flagship launch? We go over all the details below.

The Google Pixel 6 5G is the most expensive of all the phones in the Google Pixel 6 series. It costs nearly 800 dollars, but it really comes with a lot of new features. The handset is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset which delivers outstanding performance. 

Google Pixel 6 5G is the company’s latest flagship smartphone which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with 6GB of RAM. The device is expected to feature a 6.2-inch Quad HD+ display with a 3,430mAh battery. It will come with a dual camera setup at the back with 12MP + 16MP sensors whereas for selfies, it will have an 8MP snapper.

The highlight of this smartphone is its 5G support, which will be enabled via a separate accessory. Other features include Google Lens support, Night Sight mode, Android Q out-of-the-box and more.

Design and Display:- Google Pixel 6 5G Display will be measuring 6.2 inches in size and it will have a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels along with 498 PPI pixel density. The display panel used here would be an AMOLED panel and the protection offered to this display will be Corning Gorilla Glass 5 .

It supports Always On Display and it also has a Notch on the top of the display which houses the earpiece and other sensors.

The device comes with IP68 certification for dust and water resistance which should also allow it to survive underwater for 30 mins at a depth

Hands On with Google Pixel 6 5G

Google Pixel 6 5G is the latest flagship smartphone from Google. It is the first device to launch with Verizon’s 5G network, and it will be available exclusively on Verizon Wireless. The phone has 5G connectivity built right in, so you don’t need to worry about any additional hardware or dongles. Unlike some other phones that are launching with 5G, the Pixel 6 won’t be sold on any other carriers.

The Pixel line of smartphones has always served as a showcase for new Android features. And this year’s new addition is no different. Pixel 6 5G will be one of the first devices to receive future Android Q upgrades, including support for picture-in-picture mode and notification snoozing.

The best part of Google Pixel 6 5G variant

The new Google Pixel 6 5G variant is the best part of it. The phone will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. This is the best processor you can get right now and the only chip which is compatible with 5G networks.

The Google Pixel 6 5G variant will have a 6.3-inch Amoled display in the front with 3,040 mAh battery which will give you more juice to enjoy your favorite games and apps. It will run on Android Q OS out of the box.

The Pixel 6 5G variant will also have a 12MP dual rear camera setup with OIS, dual LED flash, f/1.8 aperture, 1.4µm pixel size which will be supported by a single 8MP 120-degree wide-angle lens at the front for selfies. It will come in two variants starting 64GB and 128GB models.

The worst part of Google Pixel 6 5G variant

The Google Pixel 6 5G variant is just different, and the worst part about it is the price. This 5G variant comes with a very high price tag and it makes it difficult for everyone to afford the phone.

It’s not only the price tag that makes this variant so expensive, but also we can see that it has a lot of drawbacks. The processing power of this phone is not as fast as we expected and there are no changes in camera quality. There is even a big difference in the screen size and display resolution between these two variants.

The other major drawback of this variant is its battery life. The battery life on the Google Pixel 6 5G variant is not too impressive and can die out before you even get to know it. The battery life on the Google Pixel 3 XL works well and lasts longer than this one, therefore we can say that the battery life on this one is a total disappointment.

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