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Getting over it

  1. Definition of Platform Games

    Platform game, also known as scene game. This is a genre of video games and also part of action games. The core purpose of all scene games is that the player will control the character in the game to overcome the obstacles in the game by climbing, jumping, and swinging. The levels and environments will be increasingly difficult with environments with complex terrain and new types of monsters, requiring skillful manipulation from the player.

    Consoles frequently have sidewalk games, which peaked in popularity when they made up more than 30% of all available console games at the time. But the golden age of platform games has passed since the advent of shooters and the market for arcade games has somewhat declined but has always remained a game genre with a high loyal fan base.

    The most common unifying element of games of this genre is the jump button. But now there are other alternatives like swiping the touchscreen. The game may also include other acrobatic maneuvers, such as swinging from objects such as vines or grappling hooks as in Ristar or Bionic Commando. Or jump from a skateboard or trampoline, as in Alpha Waves. Games in which jumping is fully automatic, such as the 3D game in The Legend of Zelda series, are not excluded from this category.


Getting Over It is a platform game. This game was created by Bennett Foddy. The game was released in October 2017. On October 6, 2017, the total number of players reached 2.7 million. It was then released on Steam on December 6, 2017, and was released on iOS on the same day. The Android version was available on August 25, 2018.

3. Gameplay

In Getting Over It, you will transform into a man, named Diogenes. He falls into a cauldron and lifts himself out using a Yosemite hammer. Your goal is to get to the top of this mountain, and the first obstacle you face is a giant dead tree.

The game is accompanied by Bennett Foddy’s voice commentary on various philosophical topics. The commentary also provides quotes regarding frustration and perseverance when all player credits are gone. It will get harder and harder as the player gets higher and higher. The player’s current progress will not be safe. They risk losing everything. The game will end when the player reaches the highest point and flies into space. The game will then ask if the player is recording his or her gameplay. Otherwise, the player will be redirected to the chat room to chat with other players who have completed the level.

The controls are pretty easy to grasp. You don’t need a keyboard. All you need to get through it is your mouse. Just place the hammerhead underneath you and push it off the ground. This will generate enough force to launch yourself to good heights. You need to know this for many obstacles.

4. Development of GETTING OVER IT

Growing up, Foddy learned many lessons after playing difficult games. During the 80s and 90s in Australia, he had trouble with imported games, which did not help the player to progress and forced him to start over when he lost, such as Jet Set Willy. In the 90s, games in the US and Japan introduced checkpoints so the player didn’t have to start over. Foddy said, “The ‘taste’ of playing from the beginning is slowly disappearing. Everyone at a certain age can taste it or everyone, but it has become a formal design.”

Recently, Foddy has seen the return of heavyweight titles like the Dark Souls series. In August 2017, Foddy observed that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice received mixed reviews for its save system and gameplay. If you die too many times, the black oil stain on your right arm will gradually spread to the main character’s head. After reloading certain screens, the game will delete your save file, forcing you to play again. Foddy said, “whenever you see something that refutes a strong orthodox design, it’s exciting because it opens up new avenues of exploration” and “Get Over It” was born.

Getting Over It is similar to Sexy Hiking, a game by Czech game designer Jazzuo in 2002 to make players inhibited.

5. Hidden details

  • Bad ending

At the top of the last tower, if the hammer gets stuck to the right and the character falls, Foody will say you had a bad ending. And you get stuck in it and can’t get up.

  • Sexy hiking.

In the end, if you pass that tower and jump to the right, you will see the character in the game Sexy hiking.

  • Gift box

Maybe you will come across a gift box after hanging for a while somewhere, when you get close to the gift box, you will see a crow flying out, which can startle players.

6. The most difficult milestones to conquer

Devil’s Bottom:

The game’s first “real” challenge is Devil’s Bottom. The narration starts at this point. Before finishing the journey, most people arrive at this location and stay there for 20 to 30 minutes on average. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that horrible, but you have to remember that most players aren’t accustomed to the controls at this point.

Devil’s Chimney:

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging levels in the game due to how tricky and challenging it is to understand. It hits you quite quickly throughout your run and is perhaps the second hardest location out of all the ones in this game. The secret is to climb on the little rock, raise your hammer as high as you can on the left side, place it safely, and then slowly raise yourself. As soon as you are close to the lantern, immediately swing the hammer and strike it against it. In a single motion, leap to the second one, then, with one more push, try to land on top of the chimney. If you make a mistake at the top, you will tumble all the way to the start, and if you make a mistake in the middle, you will slide all the way down to the section of slick metal.

Devil’s Orange:

Tremendous risks and high rewards combine to make this hurdle. You should be fine if you proceed carefully. If you make a mistake, you return to the cardboard boxes.

Devil’s Slope:

Trying and failing. Back to the Swinging Bucket of Hell if you screw up. Stopping wears out your arm, and stopping costs you a lot of progress.

7. FAQ

  • What proportion of persons succeeds in getting over?

Less than 1% of players had completed Getting Over It, which more than half a million users acquired in the previous month, according to Steam’s statistics. It takes a lot of skill to beat Getting Over It, therefore Distortion2’s speedrun is genuinely revolutionary.

  • What stage of overcoming it is the most difficult?

The third and most challenging step of “Getting Over It” is stage 3. When the player successfully completes Orange Hell and arrives at the Church, they are still in danger of regressing to the beginning region.

  • Is it really so difficult to get over it?

By design, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is very challenging, but that’s precisely what makes it fascinating to watch. Fans all over the world enjoy watching players lose their cool on camera in designer Bennett Foddy’s most recent physics-based, patience-testing game, which is quickly becoming a favorite of streamers and watchers alike.

  • Is it really so difficult to get over it?

By design, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is very challenging, but that’s precisely what makes it fascinating to watch. Fans all over the world enjoy watching players lose their cool on camera in designer Bennett Foddy’s most recent physics-based, patience-testing game, which is quickly becoming a favorite of streamers and watchers alike.

  • Who completed Getting Over It fastest?

“Blastbolt” completed the PC version of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy in the quickest time possible without any glitches (unknown). statistics show that as of March 19, 2020, Blastbolt has the fastest time, clocking in at 1 minute, 13.2 seconds.

8. Sexy hiking

Sexy Hiking is a game based on the inspiration for Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It. The creator of the game is “Jazzuo” and according to Bennett, is from the Czech Republic.

  • Gameplay

The gameplay in Sexy Hiking is almost the same as in Getting Over It. However Sexy Hiking has four levels for you to complete. Players move their hammers and climb the cliffs and trees to reach the end of the level. They can also walk with the arrow keys. Players have to complete each level by touching an angry face at the end of each level.

9. Conclusion

Getting Over It is a difficult platform game but many people enjoy it. The gameplay is easy, however, it is really difficult to control.

Getting Over It received positive reviews from critics including Austin Wood from PC Gamer magazine. The game was listed as one of the best PC games on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and GameSpot websites, saying it was the weirdest, most unique game of 2017. It placed 36th out of the 50 best games in 2017 on the Polygon website.


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