Get Yourself An Insulated Growler From EcoVessel

Get Yourself An Insulated Growler From EcoVessel

If you are looking around for an Insulated Growler, make the right purchase the first time around. As they say, if you’re in for a dime you’re in for the dollar anyway. If you buy a cheap growler the first time and then end up tossing it because it leaked or didn’t keep your drinks hot or cold, then you weren’t doing anyone any favor, yourself least of all.

No, in fact, if you end up going through more than one insulated growler in the search for the perfect model, you certainly will be wasting money and you might be incurring inconvenience on yourself. Any time you’re throwing anything away, you’ll be impacting the environment as well. This is more of an issue with the plastic water bottles and single-use cups, but if you end up adding to that, it’s no help.

That’s why EcoVessel offers their BOSS 64 oz Insulated Growler. It’s the last insulated growler you will ever need and for good reason.

First off, it lets you store up to half a gallon of your favorite beverages. Half a gallon – that’s plenty of refreshment for a day’s excursion, and depending on the day it might be more than enough for more than a day. with The BOSS Insulated Growler, capacity is certainly not an issue.

It’s great for coffee, tea, beer, wine, water and much more. It also comes with an infuser built right in so if you like to carry ice water you can fill the infuser with ice and it will keep that ice dam away from your lips when you go to get a sip. Fill it with fresh citrus or other fruits to infuse your water with extra flavor and vitamins. You can even use it to brew your own fresh sangria with fruits and spices.

What The BOSS does perhaps best of all is keep your drinks insulated. Fill this 64oz growler with steaming coffee or fresh beer from the tap and you’ll simply be amazed by how well it keeps them at just the right temperature.

The BOSS is capable of keeping your coffee or other drinks hot for up to 24 hours, a whole day. As for chilled drinks, it can keep your chilled drinks like beer cold for 150 hours. That’s almost a week. Imagine filling up a glass with beer and having it fresh and cold 5 days later. With this vacuum-insulated growler, you can have just that.

And while this insulated growler is a premier choice in insulated drink bottles, if you’re looking for something smaller and more convenient to make sure your drinks stay cold, or hot for that matter, take a look at what else EcoVessel can offer you on their site at With other excellent options in stainless steel insulated bottles like their Summit, Perk, Boulder and more, they have an option to suit any lifestyle. And with an EcoVessel insulated bottle, you can be sure you’re getting the very best in construction and insulation.

As another positive effect of the fact that EcoVessel bottles offer you the best in terms of quality, construction and insulation, you can rest easy in the fact that you’ll be helping to keep the environment clear of a share of plastics. EcoVessel’s bottles are intended to last a lifetime, and on top of that, they’re dedicated to donating 5% of their purchases to a nonprofit such as Leave No Trace and Protect Our Winters. You’ll be helping on two fronts and you’ll be getting just about the best insulated water bottles out there. Visit their site or call their team at 800-969-2962 today.

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