Get Your Next Goodman Air Handler at Budget Air Supply

Get Your Next Goodman Air Handler at Budget Air Supply

There are times when your home’s HVAC system leans on an air handler to move the air with efficiently for effective heating and cooling. Depending on how much air your dealing with, the air handler might even be the critical component of the system. Sometimes you have an entirely adequate condenser or furnace, but if the air handler isn’t pulling its weight, you’re working with little. Therefore, when we’re talking about your family’s comfort in the high heat of summer or the dead night of winter, you should trust your HVAC system’s success to the best – trust in a Goodman 2 Ton Air Handler.

Goodman sets the stage for all air handlers that follow. When you go with a Goodman 2 ton air handler, you’re going with the best name in the game, and with good reason. Goodman offers air handlers that are exceedingly powerful, surprisingly light and impressively versatile, often able multiple positions, speeds and airflow configurations. When you want an air handler that can not only deliver results but is as versatile as you are, trust in a Goodman.

Units like Goodman’s 2 ton 16 SEER split system come with a Goodman 2 ton air handler, model ASPT29B14 that are workhorses. This air handle offers 24,000 BTUs of cooling capacity and has a ¾ hp blower motor. We’re talking ¾ of a horse just for moving air here, and that’s some serious power. Moreover, at under 120 pounds, this unit is surprisingly light and space conscious, and overs a multi position and multi speed blower, variable with your output needs from the system.

Goodman’s 2 ton 14 SEER system comes with the Goodman ARUF29B14, which brings 25,000 BTUs of cooling power, also offers position and blower speed variability and weighs only 100 pounds. Both of these fine examples of a Goodman 2 ton air handler are encased in a fully insulated galvanized steel cabinet for efficiency and superior rust resistance, which anyone who has ever dealt with air conditioners will understand to be critical points. Both are excellent choices for a Goodman air handler and certain to perform under pressure.

The question that remains is where to find these exemplary models and other Goodman specimens as capable or even better? The answer is Budget Air Supply. Budget Air Supply is the definitive authority on HVAC systems and their components, offering the best equipment at the best prices around. Visit and you will find these and other names like Rheem, EcoTemp, Tempstar, Daikin and more at excellent prices. Even better is the fact that Budget Air Supply’s price match guarantees you the best price on it’s equipment. Not only will you get the best deal possible on the equipment itself, but everyone knows how difficult equipment shipping and handling can be. Not with Budget Air Supply – Budget Air Supply offers just about the fastest shipping in the industry, and it’s entirely free to you. Then, through their installation network they guarantee that your new equipment is up and running in record time. Budget Air pretty much has figured out the winning combination for supply, shipping and installation of HVAC systems, so waste no more time in the throes of oppressive heat or cold, head to today.

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