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Get Your Colt Parts at Sarco Inc.

Get Your Colt Parts at Sarco Inc.

Colt is, and for a very long time has been, one of the most well respected and influential firearms manufacturers in the entire world. When you restrict that scope to the United States that scope is not only not diminished, but actually increases in magnitude. American gun owners hold a few different manufacturers in extremely high regard for their history and influence on the production of domestic firearms. Browning, Winchester and Remington are firmly seated on that list, right alongside Colt. Colt is not only responsible for some of the most capable and versatile handgun and rifle platforms in the world today; throughout their history they have offered numerous improvements to design and introduced cartridges like the automatic Colt pistol (ACP) cartridges that revolutionized close quarters modern warfare, and in some cases, even turned the tide back in the favor of American troops that were armed with them.

As influential as some of these cartridges were, Colt’s contributions to the world of firearm manufacturing make it even more of a beacon to shooters and historians. Take, for example, the Colt Python that is a favorite among shooters for its historical significance and the stopping power of the cartridges with which it has historically been coupled. Then there are models that are even arguably more influential than the Python like the Colt Peacemakers. And what could possibly be a more significant model of handgun than the original Colt M1911 pistols that went on to redefine semi automatic pistols around the world?

The Colt M1911 pistol was an instant success when it replaced the aging, smaller caliber revolvers that most American soldiers carried at the time as sidearms. It’s pairing with the .45 ACP made it a beast in terms of stopping power that contemporaneous handguns – and some rifles – did not match. In addition, the 1911 at the time offered a rate of fire that could approach or even rival the revolvers of the day, even in the hands of an experienced wheelgunner. If that weren’t enough to make the 1911 a favorite, then you can take into account the fact that it offered superior capacity to most other models at the time, was more ergonomic and shooter friendly overall, and a downright rock-solid platform. There are many old 1911 that still perform today as they did 100 years ago.

Colt’s success has not, however, been limited entirely to handguns. Through its history, Colt has designed and manufactured a number of remarkably influential rifles that have become favorites in their class. Consider the fact that Colt’s success has not only been a historical one. Colt was influential in the design of the AR-15 that has become so popular it is known as “America’s Rifle” and has arguably colored the design of all other sporting rifles that followed. It’s hard to beat an adjustable, high performance platform that can accept a lot of attachments and optics, and one that offers a high rate of fire and pairs well with a number of effective cartridges in addition to the ubiquitous 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington.

Whatever the case, Colt has become a legend in the world of firearms design and manufacturing, and for that reason, Colts are found in many arsenals and in many homes throughout the country. As a result of its popularity, Colt parts are occasionally in high demand. If you’re looking for Colt parts to make repairs or adjustments to some of your equipment, then check out Sarco Inc. at There you will find not only one of the largest selections online for parts for Colt, but parts for other popular and many rare firearms as well. Their website lists parts for Colt, Browning, Lewis, Remington and many other historical and popular makers of firearms. They’ll even help you find obscure parts, so visit their website or call their team at 610-250-3960 today.

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