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Get a New Set of Dining Room Chairs Today

When looking to maximize mealtime comfort, the right dining chair is essential to your design. You need to ensure the chairs fit comfortably under the table, starting with taking measurements.

As a rule of thumb, here are some numbers to keep in mind as you search for a new set of chairs. Most dining height tables are 30 inches tall, which leaves 12 inches of legroom. That is just right for your average person. However, if you have a relatively tall household, you may want to opt for a counter height table.

Chairs with arms are great, but only if the arms don’t stop the chair from sliding under the table. To ensure armchairs fit, leave 7 inches of space between the table’s lowest part and the top of the arm.

Back heights depend on your style preference. A high-backed chair is 20 or more inches high and creates a formal feel in the room. It also provides good back support for your diners. You can go with a back as low as 12 inches for a more casual dining chair.

Dining chairs vary in width, with the average being 16-20 inches wide. To determine how many chairs will fit easily, leave 6 inches of space between each. The magic number for the space you need between the chair and wall is 36 inches. These numbers ensure you won’t have guests squeezed in and bumping into each other. You can get a new dining room chair set online today that meets these standards.

Materials are just as important to the look and use of the dining room. The classic wood dining chair is commonly used because of its sturdiness. Dining chairs come in a host of unique styles and colors. Find a natural one or painted to blend with your décor.

Maintenance is another aspect that makes choosing the right material important. Think about your household members and the way they’ll use the area. If you have small children, they may accidentally spill their grape juice, and if you have light-colored, upholstered fabric, your anxiety levels will be through the roof. Save yourself some grief and go with wood or leather.

Leather’s extremely durable and easy to clean. It’s also hypoallergenic, so those with allergies will thank you for not providing a home for dust mites. Microfiber is another material that works well in homes with young children as it’s also easy to clean. These materials are great if you have pets as well.

Metal dining chairs bring a contemporary look to the space and aren’t difficult to maintain. Bring some shine or color to the room to add depth. They’re also lightweight, so your children or elderly family members can move them without much effort.

Armchairs or no arms? Benches or more chairs? These are questions you’ll have to ask as you begin looking for a new set of dining chairs. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s what is best for your home.

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