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Health and Fitness

Four Hands Massage Therapy with Ultimate Benefits

Introduction to four hands massage therapy

In four-hand massage, two therapists work at the same time using synchronized movements of hands. It gives the feeling of getting two full-body relaxing massages at the same time. Good therapists will massage the body of the client in a form of canvas on which they choreograph slowly and keenly, detailed and light movements with different levels of pressure.

Four hands massage therapy is more expansive than a usual massage because two therapists work in it utilizing their skills and time. Not all spas offer four hands massage therapy, only a few and reliable spas offer this great therapy with maximum relaxing results.

Reasons to get four hands massage

In this type of massage when two therapists with four hands touch your body, your mind behaves differently in the beginning. Your brain will try to track which therapist is doing what. This treatment is best for people who have a hard time letting go during treatments. Both therapists work in the mirroring movement with each other for example both your legs or arms are being massaged at an equal time.

A different kind of body massage in which your whole body goes into deeper relaxation mode giving you the feeling of being calm and relaxed, in this massage your brain cannot track the synchronized movement of four hands of two therapists leading to stop thinking and focusing on being involved immensely in the soothing sensation. With the massage your stress level reduces and you may fall asleep during the session.

Benefits of four hands massage therapy

As we all know full body relaxing massage makes you relaxed and stress-free but in four hands massage the benefits become double giving you an unforgettable relaxing experience. It makes you forget the stress and divert your attention.

1.      Increased relaxation

As in four hands massage therapy, client get immensely involved in the session due to the synchronized hand’s movement, it makes them relax and help them forget the tension and stress within the first session.

2.      Muscles realignment

Proper simultaneous movements of four hands-on client’s bodies help in the realignment of muscles and joints and muscles placement also improves the mobility helping in faster healing of the injury.

3.      Improved blood circulation

In a usual massage blood circulation gets better but in four hands massage therapy circulation gets better even faster leading to proper blood circulation and a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body helping in the healing process.

Do four hands massage therapy worth it?

massage therapy

Although it’s a bit expensive massage therapy because of the two therapists working together in one session utilizing their skill and time the end result is worthy of having it. It relaxes the body even faster making you stress-free and makes the healing process fast. Therapists usually use Swedish-style massage techniques including long and slow strokes to make your body relax. For certain body parts such as legs or back, clients can ask for special attention according to their needs.

Before going to the therapist

You will have to choose the right body relaxing massage according to your need, or you can have a full one-on-one discussion with the therapist to get suggestions about the right massage for you. You can wear light clothes before going to the spa. In some massages, you can keep wearing your clothes but in some, you can only wear a towel.

Precautionary measures

Before getting any massage it is suggested not to take any large meal or alcohol but you can have plenty of water to help your body flushing out the toxins.

Things to tell your therapist before getting any massage therapy;

  • If you’re pregnant
  • someone have any health concern
  • If you are getting any serious treatment
  • And if you are allergic to any kind of oil or ingredients in the body moisturizers
  • If you get any skin infection

Massaging medium types

There are different massaging types that aid in the movement of hands and give therapeutic effect to the client.

Massaging oil

Massaging oil is the most common moisturizer used by a therapist to give a relaxing experience to a client without pinching or pulling the skin. They usually do not absorb immediately into the skin and resembles natural skin oils. Oils can be mixed with essential oils to give the aromatherapeutic effect to the massage therapy. Massage oil contains many natural ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and amino acids to impart antioxidant properties to the skin. The most commonly used massage oils are;

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil

Creams for massage

Massage creams are best for deep tissue work and are for people who are oil phobic and do not like the feel of oil on their skin. It acts as a good moisturizer and can be washed off easily as compared to oil due to being less greasy in composition.

Massaging gel

For light massage technique massaging gel is the best option such as for lymphatic drainage massage. It works well on oily skin people to provide glide and no need to be washed after full body massage.

Massaging powder

This massaging medium is more common in Ayurvedic or reflexology. It is good to provide long-lasting glide because it does not get absorbed in the skin easily providing long-lasting results with less perspiration on the feet and scalp. The most common powders used in it are fenugreek powder, millet powder, and corn starch.


A light consistency than oil or creams and better for the smaller parts for massage purpose, as lotion get absorbs immediately in the body so it is not best suited for the full body massage. It does not need to be cleaned or washed off after treatment because it gives a very soothing and hydrating feeling to the skin leaving the skin soft and supple.

Expectations from four hands massage therapy

No matter which type of massage you are having, your therapist should ask you different questions related to your diet, health, any health concern, and medical history. You will feel so relaxed and stress-free right after the very first session. Massage should be given on massage table in a separate room to keep the privacy factor in consideration. The therapist will massage you with bare elbows, hands, and possibly the feet as well. They will also use oil or any other moisturizer to make the massage easy but the length of the massage therapy session will depend upon the kind of massage you are having.

Additional tip!

Do a proper amount of research about the right kind of massage therapy for you and the oil or moisturizer they are going to use especially if you are allergic to anything.

End results

You’ll feel so relaxed right after the session and also feel a bit achy but nothing to worry about it is very common with the massages. You can feel a bit dizzy or sleepy after a full-body relaxing massage. To get rid of hectic routine stress, try to spare some time for the body massage to have some me-time.

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Content written by Irshad Baloch Senior Content Writer at AWSOL.

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