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Follicular Unit Extraction

Get detailed information about hair transplantation, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and precut, operation process in hair transplantation, hair transplantation prices, before and after, and healing process. You can also get information about hair transplantation by phone using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. You can contact us on the website at the bottom of the page.

In this method, which has been applied since 2004, hair roots from the donor area are taken one by one and made ready for planting. It is done without any surgical procedure. Roots are taken one by one with micromotor tips of 0.7-1 mm from the back of the hair and planted in a sparse or open area. An average of 2,500-3,500 hair grafts can be planted in an open area. No stitches required.

In the FUE hair transplantation operations, determining the root density in 2 cm to be applied to the October area is important for the success of the operation. This method is preferred more in terms of the comfort of the person. FUE technique is also preferred by many patients because it does not leave visible marks in the non-surgical method or donor area. It is a painless procedure as it is performed under local anesthesia. This procedure, which must be performed in a hospital and operating room conditions, takes an average of 5 hours.

Return to Normal life after FUE hair transplantation

After FUE, one day of rest is recommended and the next day the patient can get back to work. Planted hair 3. It comes out from the month, it takes an average of 9 months to come out of the whole. Currently, many hair transplant specialists now prefer a motorized system to save time. Thanks to the FUE engine, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals, and a larger number of grafts can be removed from the field taken by the engine compared to the same amount of field scanning. Another advantage of the FUE engine is that the rate of destruction of grafts with multiple roots, i.e. 2-3 and 4 roots, is less, that is, the success of maintaining the integrity of the Follicular Unit in this way. For these reasons, it can be said that hair transplantation has become a more comfortable operation thanks to the FUE engine.

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

  • The FUE method is the latest technique used since 2004.
  • According to the old method, it is a much more comfortable operation for both the patient and the doctor.
  • Because it is a technique open to technological advances, it benefits a little more from the blessings of technology every day.
  • Thanks to the motors and tips used, the operation time is much shorter than FUT.
  • Since no incision has been made, the patient is much more likely to be convinced and feel comfortable during the operation.
  • There is no need to spend extra time parsing the roots.
  • Since no stitches are applied, only 3 days of dressing is sufficient in the FUE technique instead of dressing times that are about 15 days.
  • 2500-3000 grafts (average 6000-6500 strands of hair ) can be transplanted in a single session.
  • FUE, unlike the FUT technique, leaves no trace.
  • FUE is available to do more than one session and receive a large number of grafts.
  • In FUE, opening of 85% of patients is closed with a single session.
  • A second session may be required for only a group of 15% of patients.
  • In FUE, the operation time is shorter (average 5 hours). No extra time is needed to separate the grafts.
  • They are clean and free of residues taken in the FUE technique, so it is possible to open smaller channels. In this way, there will be no trace of the October site.
  • The patient is discharged with his casual hat, without bandages on his head.
  • The patient can do office work the next day.
  • It is also possible that the patient will return to work immediately after the first wash (about 36 hours later). This period is much longer in the FUT technique.
  • At first, the FUE method, which was preferred by very few doctors, has also become very common among doctors today, showing that it is a more reliable method.


After October October, there is a protective dressing in the donor area and, if necessary, in the area where the transplantation is performed. After the operation, the patient should take care of the October Area. It is absolutely important that the October area is protected against friction and collisions. In addition, you should avoid activities that will give you strength and make you sweat.

Smoking, alcohol, and caffeine, if possible, are important for healthy results. It is important to protect your scalp from the sun and rain during a two-week process. Since the hair roots October in this area are not yet fully integrated with the skin, they can be negatively affected even with the slightest damage. Because of this, if it is possible for the patient to rest for a period of time recommended by the doctor, it will be positive in terms of the efficiency of the operation. In addition, after discharge, you should not wash your hair again within the specified time.

The first washing process is performed within a few days following the FUE hair transplantation process. This washing process is also a control that will be performed after October. When the first wash is made, the dressing made after October is opened and checked for any infection, allergic condition or acne in the donor area.

After that, the hair follicles in the October area are washed. This washing process is different from the standard hair washing process. This washing is carried out with a foam that has been produced suitable for this work. After the washing process, the washing process is terminated by applying a suitable cream to the October Area.

Finally, the process is terminated after the area is closed by applying an anti-infection antiseptic solution to the donor area where the hair follicles are taken. The main purpose of washing is to clean the shells left by the mini-bleeding that occurs after planting.

After FUE hair transplantation, the process of fully matching the transplanted hair roots and scalp finds an average weekly process. Therefore, the patient is taught this washing technique. As long as possible, it will be healthier to do this washing technique accompanied by someone who will help the patient.


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