Five Steps You Should Take When Applying For A Credit Cards

Planning to apply for a new credit cards? While this could be a quick and seamless process for some. It could also be a tiresome application that disappoints you. If your credit score and standing with the banks are not as per requirement. If you take the time and steps mention below, chances of disappointment after failed applications could be avoide. Provided you have the time to plan it out, as this article suggests.

Your Credit Card Application Process Should Be A Delightful And Successful Undertaking

  • Evaluate Your Credit Score

The pandemic has left us all with varied financial burdens. Unsurprisingly, the loss of income for some has resulted. In the inability to pay timely premiums on credit card bills and EMIs. If you face this burden, checking your credit score before applying for a credit card. And initiating the entire application process would be wise. Today it is easy to check your score instantaneously using various mobile apps. Usually, a CIBIL score of over 700 results in a successful loan or credit card application. Any score above 750 is almost a surety, while scores below 600 disqualify your applications. If you have a verify online payment account. Log in and search for the CIBIL keyword to get start on knowing your score. Most banking apps allow this facility as well.

  • Improve Your Credit Score

If your CIBIL score is below 600, do not lose heart. You can constantly improve the score, but this cannot be done overnight. Your CIBIL report will indicate the high-impact and low-impact financial reports affecting the score. Usually, if you begin repaying existing credit card dues in a timely fashion, your CIBIL score will improve gradually. ‘Settling’ a credit card or loan by paying less than the due may get the banks off your back. But will leave a dent in your credit ratings. So, try to close all dues with full payments. Another good way to improve your credit rating is to purchase a small product or utility and make timely payments. While your credit score might not allow for large purchases. The score does increase with any affordable that your credit does allow; it may be something as small as a mixer or a mobile phone. Timely repayment equals improved credit scores, period! And improved credit scores allow for successful credit card applications in the future.

  • Organize Your Income Proof Documents

Although credit scores can directly impact your credit card applications. It is finally in the hands of the respective bank to approve or reject your application. You can meet with the bank officials and convince them that your current income allows for timely repayment. This is all the more possible with the bank that your current salary is credited. During the first lockdown, the government had allowed for a ‘moratorium’ period of 3 months. Where customers were legally authorized to default on their card payments. Unfortunately, not all private banks approved this from their end, leading to lowered CIBIL ratings. Suppose your current job status and income have changed. In that case, immediate repayment of these dues with a fresh credit card. Application just might work to convince a financial institution to issue you a new credit card. 

  • ‘Thaw’ Your Frozen Cards

Do you have existing credit cards that have been ‘frozen’ either by your own decision or by a bank to which you have not paid dues? This is not always a case of non-repayment of expenses for which the card has been used. For example, a change in address in the past may have resulted in your not receiving a fresh card if your previous cards had expired. Banks usually freeze such accounts, leading to lower credibility where future credit card applications are concerned. This can be quickly resolved with a trip to the bank and an update with your current address proof. 

  • Select The Right Credit Card

So, you have evaluated or corrected your credit score and are now ready to make a fresh credit card application with all confidence. Great! Here comes the fun part! Different credit cards allow for different rewards and benefits – some for dining, some that offer cashback on fuel purchases, and others for entertainment. The credit card that you go for should depend on the rewards and benefits best suited to your requirements. For example, Bajaj Finserv has a credit card for international travel that would be most suited if you are a frequent flier. Once you have pinpointed the right card for you and your family, go ahead and make the application, knowing you will be successful if you have followed the three steps above.


Making successful credit card applications does not have to be a shot in the dark. Today, you can evaluate and make necessary improvements to your credit rating. Then, you can enjoy the rewards and benefits such as a credit card that gives you points on international travel or anything else you might have your eyes set on. 

Here are nine suggestions for making the most of your credit cards while you are travelling overseas

1. Bring a credit card that is generally accepted.
The whole over, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted. Your Visa or Mastercard will likely work if the business accepts credit cards.
2. Inform your issuer that you’re departing
Your card issuer may reject the charges as suspicious if your credit card account suddenly shows purchases made thousands of miles away from your residence. Inform your issuer in advance of your travel plans to avoid any confusion and prevent account freezing. You can do this by contacting the number on the back of your card, going online, using the card issuer’s app, or going online.


As we all know Bajaj Finserv which is a very big finance company no doubt Bajaj Finserv gives equal status to all its customers. And also provides all possible loan facility like travel credit card. To further ease the convenience of those who travel without any hesitation, Bajaj Finserv also offers Credit Card for International Travel.

For frequent travellers who want to take advantage of air mile perks, there is the Bajaj Finserv travel Credit Card. The best feature of this card is that, unlike popular co-branded cards that offer perks with just one airline, the miles earned can be redeemed across a number of airlines. Additionally, air miles earned never expire, allowing you to keep accruing thousands of miles and using them anytime you like. It provides 10,000* Miles up front as a nice bonus. Given that the value of these miles is Rs. 4,500*, compared to the Rs. 3,000* membership cost, this advantage usually seems reasonable. Following the payment of the renewal price, you will receive 3,000* free miles every year.

However, this card might not be the best option if you want to save money on international expenses because it doesn’t allow access to international airport lounges and has a fairly high foreign exchange markup (3.5%). Overall, Citi PremierMiles is a real travel card because it doesn’t offer any perks for eating out, shopping, or enjoying entertainment. This card may be the best option for you if you frequently travel inside the nation and would like to receive cheap (or occasionally even free) flights.

You would undoubtedly be aware of the advantages of a Bajaj Finserv credit card if your job demands you to travel frequently or if you enjoy seeing the world and do so frequently. Let’s examine the numerous advantages associated with utilising a travel card.

The Travel Easy SuperCard’s Features

You only need to pay the annual fee and make 2,000 rupees worth of purchases within 30 days of receiving your card. Additionally, this SuperCard contains features that are firsts in the market, such as an emergency advance, an interest-free cash withdrawal option, and a waiver for fuel surcharges.

Among other advantages, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard entitles you to free access to airport lounges and reward points for overseas purchases.

One of the best credit cards available in any category, the Bajaj Finserv Credit Card rewrote the rules of the game in the travel rewards industry. The card offers a plethora of benefits, the points are simple to earn and spend, and the credits can easily justify the annual charge. Just be sure you value travelling with your incentives.

Utilizing credit card rewards to book award flights and upgrade using miles and points is simpler than you might think. The interest rates and costs will, however, overshadow the incentives you earn on a monthly balance, so make sure to get your credit house in line before you start earning rewards.

Depending on your objectives and situation, you will receive the best card. Before applying for a new card, always do the arithmetic for your individual expenditure and think about how you would use the perks.

So before choosing a credit card, take special care of all the above points, this will enable you to choose a very good and profitable credit card. And the most important thing is choose credit card after comparing their bills and charges.

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