Five SEO Techniques That Do More Harm than Help

Google constantly surprises the SEO scene with the news. Recently popular: punishments. Five violations of the guidelines in a portrait.

No problem for serious SEOs

Just recently, Google paralyzed one of the largest German link networks from an SEO point of view, infamous, because it violated Google’s guidelines for quality assurance in search. Matt Cutt’s remarks about link building through guest blogging also caused a massive uproar in the scene.

Reason enough to shed light on exactly these dubious to harmful techniques in SEO and to explain how they work. Warning: copying is not recommended.

SEO Technique 1: Spam with Guest Blogging

Although according to, not a single change in the Google algorithm followed Matt Cutts’ tweet, in which he recommended that guest blogging should be better discontinued under certain conditions, this SEO technique is highly topical and – especially in the context of the booming buzzword “content” – very common.

Guest blogging must be of high quality, thematically fit the publishing website, and offer the reader of this website real added value through relevant content. Those who, on the other hand, rely on short texts with a high keyword density and poorly “optimized” anchor texts, literally screams for their punishment by Google.

Therefore: Anyone doing guest blogging should really have something interesting and relevant to tell.

SEO technique 2: Optimized anchor texts

It is also not recommended to enrich links with bad anchor texts, i.e. in a short form and only aimed at relevant keywords. Anyone who sells shoes online and only writes “Schuh”, “buy shoes online” and “Buy cheap shoes online” in their anchor texts is violating the Webmaster Guidelines.

SEO Technique 3: Low-Quality Link Building

Also, at the forefront of the worst SEO techniques: Link building with lots of links and little quality. If you want to go one better, buy your link base within a very short time and only from punished websites – your own ranking is destroyed.

So, when it comes to link building, it is better to rely on natural link building ( e.g. through link baits and cooperations) and not buy cheap links.

SEO Technique 4: Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is certainly the easiest of the techniques listed here to implement. To perfect keyword stuffing. A small in-house brainstorming session is held to develop a list of relevant keywords. These keywords are now placed on a single subpage so often with as little text around it as it can be, and Google already knows: This webmaster obviously has no idea.

SEO technique 5: links instead of content

Finally, the fifth point, which is nothing more than a summary of the previous one, enriched with a very important buzzword: A website that does not offer any reasonable content, but should be pushed with hundreds of backlinks, will not rank well.

Recommendation: SEO is a mixture of backlinks, social elements, sensible preparation through on-site measures, and, above all, content. Seo services in Islamabad

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