Five Reasons to Use Frozen Fruit Pie Filling

Five Reasons to Use Frozen Fruit Pie Filling

Those who are in the bakery business know that there are fine balances between quality, price, and convenience and that sometimes you need to make things fresh whereas sometimes you need to have something pre-made to keep up with demand. If your business makes fruit pies, you might make the concession to use frozen fruit pie filling.

  1. It’ll Stay Fresher Longer

Probably the biggest reason that some bakers prefer the use of frozen pie fillings is simply because they will stay fresher longer and they need less care and rotation than refrigerated filling. Frozen fruits and other fillings will just stay fresh longer if they are frozen and that enables you to keep them longer as well.

  1. It Might Be Cheaper Than Unfrozen

Fresh fruit and other ingredients for making pie fillings don’t just have a shorter shelf life than their frozen counterparts, they are very expensive. You may be able to experience a price break if you are able to purchase frozen since frozen is cheaper in the first place. Not only that, but you can buy and store it in bulk and that can save you too.

  1. It Won’t Matter Once You Cook It

Perhaps most importantly, it won’t even matter once you bake the pie. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between pie filling that was prepared fresh and filling that was previously frozen. Since you’ll be baking it anyway, you’ll be altering the composition of the fruits and anyway, so that’s just one more reason to go frozen instead of fresh if your order volume merits it.

  1. It’s Convenient

In addition to these previous points, it’s very convenient to use frozen filling because it requires less care, rotation, and time invested. Use a quality frozen filling and you will save not only money but time in preparation as well.

  1. High Control over Quality and Consistency

Finally, using frozen ingredients will give you a high degree of control over the quality and consistency of the finished product. First off, you can buy from only the most reputable brands, but even beyond that, you can control exactly how your wares are stored. Any collection that contains pre-made fillings is worth investigating to see what kind of quality it can offer you.

Now that that’s out of the way, you should make it a point to get your frozen fruit pie filling online at Stover & Company, particularly if you need to buy it in bulk. Stover & Company offers not only some of the most highly desirable frozen fillings in the industry, from Brill, Henry & Henry, and others, but they offer frozen fruit too so you can make your own. Whether you need frozen mixed berries, frozen berries, or otherwise, you can find plenty of reasons to love the way they can help make your pie recipes better.

If that weren’t reason enough, consider their impeccable level of service. To the team at Stover & Company, all accounts deserve equal time and attention. That means even if you aren’t the largest, they will work with you to come up with pricing that is fair and amenable to both of you.

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