Finding LT Wright Knives For Sale

Finding LT Wright Knives For Sale

There are a lot of knives on the market and sometimes it can be a real challenge to find a knife that will be a perfect fit for your needs. If you are looking for a handcrafted knife that will stand up to tough tasks on your next camping or hunting trip, you need to check out LT Wright Knives for sale. With one of these knives by your side, you can handle any task you encounter with the confidence that comes with using a tool that has been crafted and perfected by a team of experts.

LT Wright Knives all started with their namesake, LT. LT started his knife making career by putting a simple kit knife together for his father. Before he knew it, his father’s friends were lining up for their own knives. These first few knives gave LT the capital he needed to buy a professional knife grinder from knifemaker RW Wilson. Wilson also provided LT with some knifemaking training that set him down the path to becoming a professional knifemaker.

Now, years after giving his father that first knife, LT Wright has gone from a single man operation to a team of skilled craftsmen who are all dedicated to creating high quality knives that are designed to perform and look amazing while doing it. The combination of quality steel, sturdy handle materials, and the artistry of the team at LT Wright ensures that every piece they produce is a knife you can depend on.

If you want to find LT Wright Knives for sale, The Knife Connection has plenty of options for you. The Knife Connection has thousands of knives in stock, including options from LT Wright. A few of their most popular LT Wright models include:

● Forest Trail – The Forest Trail is a collaboration effort between and L. T. Wright Handcrafted Knives and it is offered exclusively by Each knife and the matching sheath are hand made in the USA using the finest materials with careful attention given to each one during the building process.

Dale, The Knife Connection’s owner, had a goal to produce a heavy duty, medium-sized knife for bushcraft needs such as batoning, shelter building, small delimbing tasks etc. He also wanted this knife to be versatile enough for general field use such as large game field dressing, carcass break-down, and skinning. To that end, the blade features a long narrow point that is near the centerline of the knife. This is great for drilling tasks, and for more delicate work, but the blade also has enough belly for tasks such as slicing and skinning. The Forest Trail is a great, versatile outdoor knife.

● GNS – The GNS was designed with bushcraft in mind. Available in a variety of steels, the 4.5” long blade features a versatile spear point. Whether you need to build a shelter or dress large game, this knife will get the job done.

● Woodland Pro 4.0 – Any way you “slice it and dice it”, this is a great knife for all things outdoors. Featuring a 4″ blade, this knife was designed to “cover a lot of bases” with speed and efficiency. It’s versatile enough to be doing food prep one minute and batoning kindling for the campfire the next. The handle angles upward just a bit to make slicing chores easier and to provide a more natural hold when doing things like batoning. The hump on the 90 degree sharpened spine allows the knife to be very efficient at scraping tasks while giving more options for the angle when scraping. The long point is excellent for drilling. The front thumb scallops provide for better control when doing finer tasks and side cuts. The rear scallops provide a place for your thumb/finger when holding the knife in various positions. There is plenty enough belly on the cutting edge allowing the knife to do an excellent job of slicing. The size of the knife and design makes it a great knife for field dressing, skinning and cutting up large game.

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