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Ficus Artificial Silk Tree


Trees are the source of great natural beauty. There is no one who does not like green nature and trees. Although trees cannot be planted in all places, people still want to enhance beauty with that. Artificial silk trees can replace live plants’ elegant look. The demand for artificial trees has been increased in the market day by day. You need to consider a few things before having one. The consideration needs to be based on size, height, base support, material used, price, etc. 

To beauty lovers, artificial silk trees have become more popular than ever because of its special trends during the winter; when trees are bare and flowers are dormant. This beautiful artificial silk tree has hundreds or even thousands of individual leaves in different shades for the maximum life-like look. Silk is one of the most interesting and unique artificial trees around and will make your perfect choice to decorate home, office or business. 

More About Artificial Silk Trees

An artificial silk tree will bring you a realistic addition to your indoor and outdoor decor and no one will know that it’s not real until they touch it. The most interesting thing is that the natural appearance of this tree with faux soil will fool even the smartest birds. 

Silk plants are exactly designed to give a naturalistic look actually found in nature. Today many people don’t have the time to take care and carry the live trees but they want to increase the elegance of their spaces with a nature-like look. So, artificial silk trees can replace live trees for those people. The great benefit of using silk plants is that they are perfect for those who have a lot of allergy problems with live trees. So, they can easily fit with this artificial thing and avoid these matters. 

There is no pair of these trees to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your home or office, even though these are not real. But it offers an appealing look and fresh feel that makes your place more enjoyable and relaxing. High-quality artificial plants will last longer and bring years of beauty to your home or office.

Let’s have a short look on different types of artificial silk trees:

The most important thing is to find out the perfect and real silk trees for your home decoration. Because the beauty around you depends on your preferences and tastes. Particular silk trees have some features that attract people very easily. So when you are trying to pick yours from the different types. So, it’s better to look at the existing decor to make your choice with the best quality silk trees. Some of the popular silk trees include: 

  • Ficus
  • Palms
  • Azaleas
  • Cedar
  • Cactus
  • Bonzai
  • Ferns 

This faux ficus tree from commercial silk is made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements of modified seasons and snow, ice, wind and sun. Made with authentic designed artificial ficus leaves and natural wood trunks, ficus trees are a durable and handsome addition to any indoor and outdoor landscape design. All of our outdoor artificial trees and shrubs are made with weather and U / V resistant materials, giving these trees durability and long-lasting beauty. We have a complete selection of huge artificial outdoor trees to match your project ideas.

Purchase with confidence knowing our silk plants. “Looking so real and almost natural!” No maintenance required; No needs watering. Looks full and fresh every day; Wipe with a soft dry cloth.

You must have a little bit of study about silk trees review to know why this tree can be best for your interior decoration.

Silk plants are comparatively taller as the height goes up to 6 feet. Its life-like and stylish appearance is so attractive that it will be perfect for any of the spaces you want to place it. You can easily carry it to different spaces because of its stability and as it is built-in enduring and sturdy planters. This prettiest tree can easily grab the attention wherever you place it. Silk Plants are of different sizes. At 3 feet, this is perfect for any space and packing. This does not require any maintenance like watering or pruning; rather looks full and fresh every day. The total dimensions for a 3 feet silk tree are 28 In. W x 28 In. D x 36 In. Planter/Vase Dimensions: W: 6 in, H: 5 in. Measurements are from the bottom of the planter/vase to the furthest extended flower or leaf on the arrangement.The artificial silk tree is built from the best quality silk for that beautiful look. hundreds or thousands of individual leaves make its pretty and elegant view. This best quality silk tree will comfortably match your budget. 

Why will you opt for silk plants?

Artificial silk trees add life, color and joy to personal and commercial spaces. Our artificial silk trees are no exception, featuring a smooth, vibrant green leaf on top. All of our This trees are made from premium quality ingredients and as such, they have a stunningly realistic look and feel. 

There are many purposes of using artificial silk trees including the decoration of house, wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or any occasion. The main advantage of dealing with silk plants is that they look 100% natural but very easy to take care of as there is no possibility to wilt or die without water.

Artificial Trees are artistic natural beauty:

There is no lack of beauty in this world. Things, however, if you have seen thousands of beautiful things, you can associate yourself with an artistic tree, but you will see that beautiful eyes are never affected by external influences and get lost, as you know, artificial trees are not just beauty, Thousands of world decor, but a decor beauty with a strong artistic flavor.

The use of artificial trees, as we all know, is still relatively large in the market. What the silk tree represents is an improvement in life and mind which means people start to enjoy life.

Can you place it Outdoor?

You may have questions about whether you can place this tree outside and how long it will last there? The answer is yes, you can, but there should be some considerations before keeping it outdoors as all artificial plants and trees are not suited for outdoor use. Here is a specialty of the artificial silk trees. These are certain foliage types of plants that can resist extreme weather conditions. That’s why undoubtedly silk plants are suitable for outside use. The fade-resistant technology protects them from losing color and beauty due to harsh sun, wind, water and snow. 

How to do proper arrangements if silk trees get dust?

It’s inevitable that everything can get dust after some time if it is placed outdoors. Similarly, silk plants are not different from that. So, it is very important to clean the dust regularly before it takes the glossiness of the trees away. 

There are some methods when you clean the silk tree. You should keep in mind a few things when doing this. Don’t be rough while cleaning your silk plants even if they are not live. You should do it patiently and replicate the process if needed. It may take some time to get the tree to look like it does in the picture when doing this for the first time. Buying artificial trees, cleaning them regularly, gives you a novelty which will help to make the decision of your next purchase.

The process of cleaning dust from silk plants is not so hard. The easiest way is to brush gently each part of your trees until they are fully clean. Start cleaning from the top of the trees and finish your way to the bottom sothat the parts you have cleaned already do not get dust again. As there is no hassle to watering or pruning these artificial plants, maintaining regularity in cleaning will not waste much of your time.

As mentioned above, artificial silk trees always give a very attractive appearance. So you have to be more careful to maintain its continuity and for that, you need to follow some conservancy to make it look always new and attractive the same as when they arrived. 

Are the silk trees really made of silk?

Silk trees are not actually made of silk, rather made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, rubber, PVC, and anything else that will help achieve the most beautiful and lifelike results possible. Silk plants are highly durable and resistant to all weather conditions. 

You need to consider something before making a purchase. As silk trees are of different sizes, you need to have an idea of the ideal height that will suit the spaces. Some things you also have to check out including the base support, cost, style, design, and ease of care and maintenance.

Silk Tree Warehouse

We provide lifelike and silk trees and plants for indoor and outdoor use. These silk trees have a realistic look and can perfectly replace live plants used for decorating. Our artificial silk trees always look real and even though these are made of synthetic materials. The trees we provide are so attractive that they are definitely fake but never seem to look. It will feel fresh in any way.

Our provided silk trees are the best lifelike and available with eye-catching features at affordable prices. Our silk trees are real and very realistic so you may be confused if it is artificial or natural. We specialize and are so confident in providing artificial silk trees for indoor and outdoor use. We have typical silk tree variations, as well as flowering silk trees, bamboo silk trees, and catchy bonsai silk trees. 

Each of the countless individual leaves is designed, top and bottom, to show color and texture exactness. Artificial silk trees are perpetually virid and deep green with individual leaves on several sturdy branches. These wonderful silk plants would look lovely in a window, home entryway, or even the office.


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