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Explain lichen planus, its types, and effective homeopathic remedies to cure it?

These days, masses have to deal with different kinds of skin ailments that include itching, rashes, irritation, inflammation, and so on. When groups try to cure these skin problems with allopathy, it may also lead to several side effects. Therefore, the Homeopathic clinic in Mumbai takes numerous homeopathic remedies to treat your skin problems without having any destructive effects.

Define Lichen planus and its types?

Lichen planus refers to a condition that turns your skin red and raises the feeling of swelling and irritation. It can also occur in the inner side of your mouth and cause soreness and burning. You may feel a rash on the mucosal surfaces of the skin. It is treatable, and you can correct it with Lichen Planus Treatment in Delhi. Moreover, a homeopathic doctor in Jalandhar specializes in repairing all types of lichen planus with effective homeopathic remedies. You need to follow their instructions strictly. Following are the different kinds of lichen planus

  • Mucosal lichen planus

  • Lichen planus of the nails

  • Cutaneous lichen planus

  • Lichenoid drug eruption

  • Lichen planus pigmentosus

  • Lichen planopilaris

What causes lichen planus?

Lichen planus is an autoimmune disease caused by the T cell-mediated in the body. The inflammatory cells destroy the protein present in the body and stimulate the problem in mucosal keratinocytes. Following are the primary factors that cause lichen planus:

  • Emotional and Physical stress

  • Injury on the outer surface of your skin

  • Scratches during surgery also influence lichen planus

  • Skin ailments (like herpes zoster)

  • Systemic viral infection (like hepatitis C)

  • Allergies from metal and iron things

  • Narcotic drugs also raise lichen planus rashes

  • Genetic predisposition

How to diagnose the problem of lichen planus?

When you face any skin rashes, itching, and inflammation, you must visit the doctor if it is not correct within a few days. When you see a doctor, he will identify which kind of lichen planus problem you have. Your skin expert can also ask for the pre-medical history related to lichen planus, physical exam, and other lab tests to perform. Following are the tests performed to diagnose the skin infections:

  • Biopsy: This test allows a skin expert to take the infected piece of skin tissue to perform microscopic identification that helps find the significant root cause of your disease. This infectious tissue also helps to describe that you have cell patterns characteristic of lichen planus or any other.

  • Allergy tests: This test checks if you have any allergy to eatable items, liquids, and other materials to trigger lichen planus. This is a costly form of test.

  • Hepatitis C test: Here, you will have to give your blood sample to identify the possible trigger for lichen planus.

Describe the homeopathic medicines against lichen planus?

  • Antihistamines: Antihistamines control the protein histamine (virus) that stimulates inflammation. This also helps to overcome itching and irritation on lichen planus skin.

  • Retinoids: It is a synthetic form of vitamin A that is more efficiently works to stop lichen planus

  • Arsenicum iodatum: It works effectively against all skin conditions like lichen planus, psoriasis, and eczema. It gives relief to the itching and inflammation of the skin.

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