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Expand Your Career Options by Becoming an MBA

If you feel stuck in a rut at your job, why not return to college in order to advance your career? Earning a Master of Business Administration degree can provide you with high-level leadership options in a multitude of fields. Here are just a few things you can do if you further your education and become an MBA.


As an MBA graduate, there are many jobs in the financial sector for which you’ll qualify. You may opt to become an investment banker, facilitating capital funding for an organization or dealing with mergers and acquisitions. You could also be a financial analyst, helping a business or individuals manage their investment portfolios. Another way to use your education is by taking on the role of financial manager, in which you’ll be responsible for overseeing all of the accounting functions of a business.


If you like the idea of dealing with a broad range of tasks, a career in operations might be the right choice. In this field, you may have your hands on everything from product design to quality control, and you can work with any number of different products. You might get in on the ground floor and help a startup company scale up as it grows, or you may be able to innovate and streamline processes at a long-standing firm. Working in operations can also open the door for you to relocate anywhere in the world by working for U.S. companies that have expanded abroad or for regional businesses that hire from a global pool of well-trained leaders.


MBA graduates can pursue careers in many areas that fall under the umbrella of marketing. You can tap into your more creative side by leading a team of artists and copywriters in designing ad campaigns, or put your power of persuasion to work as head of sales. If you’re more driven by information and data, you might be interested in running a company’s market research team to identify and meet customer needs and preferences. Additionally, public relations specialists with MBA degrees are in high demand, as more businesses embrace the importance of boosting their reputations and brand recognition.

Human Resources

Although at its core human resources may be a people position, in the leadership role your MBA qualifies you to hold you will be responsible for aligning a company’s business objectives with its employees’ needs. You’ll be expected to understand all aspects of the organization you work for in order to oversee recruiting, personnel development, and conflict resolution. You’ll also need to have an exceptional understanding of labor laws and regulations to enforce policies that protect the interests of both the company and its staff.

When you find your job isn’t as fulfilling or as lucrative as you want it to be, it might be time to do something to put yourself on a better career trajectory. Returning to school and earning an MBA can help you step into a leadership role that provides more job satisfaction along with a bigger paycheck.

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