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Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Relining

Have you ever encountered damaged plumbing on your property before? Whether it is a leak or drain backflow, any damage to the piping running underground should be addressed before it worsens. There are pipe relining solutions you can look into to solve these plumbing problems. Here’s what you should know about pipe relining.

What is it about?

Pipe relining is a procedure that can fix cracks on the pipes from the inside without digging the soil to get to the pipes in question. It is a popular method among homeowners as there is no need to cause property damage. Who would want to have the soil dug up to fix the damage to the pipe that runs under it?

Pipe relining is a way to fix the damage to the pipes by sealing the cracks from within, thus promoting a smoother flow and preventing leaks that can destabilise the soil and any structure on it.

What is the process?

The first step in the pipe relining process is always a thorough inspection. The entire plumbing system will be inspected so that the damaged pipes can be found. Once the damaged pipe has been located, it will then be measured to determine how long the new pipe should be. A drain camera will be inserted through the drain to see the extent of the damage.

The next step is the customisation of the new pipes. The measurements taken will be used in this step so that the new pipe will have the same bends or junctions as the existing plumbing system. The customisation includes the creation of custom liners and inflatable bladders. Rest assured that the newly-created pipe is of high-quality material.

The penultimate step is the actual installation of the new pipes. The liner is soaked with epoxy resin before the uninflated bladder is inserted. A rope is attached to the liner and used to realign the new pipe to where the damaged pipe is. A camera is used for accuracy. The bladder is then inflated, which pushes the liner and seals against the pipe until the resin has created a new pipe. Lastly, the bladder is deflated and removed.

The last step is a final inspection of the entire plumbing system. With a camera, the entire plumbing system will be checked, especially where the new pipe is installed, to ensure that the damaged pipe is completely sealed. So if there are any issues with the new pipe, they will be addressed right away.

Why go through this process?

You would be surprised by how complex the plumbing system running through your property is. It is a web of interconnected pipes that passes through the entire landscape. So, if there is some damage to the pipes, the entire landscape will be affected. If you opt to dig the land up to get to the pipe, it will affect the landscape features. Pipe relining is the process you should go for as it offers minimal property damage.

Any issue with the underground plumbing needs to be addressed immediately before the rest of the property gets affected. Once you notice damage, it is time to look for experts in your area specialising in pipe relining solutions.

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