Everything you need to know about cylindrical locks

Cylindrical locks,cylindrical knob locks

Cylindrical locks are so designed that they can be installed through the door along with a lever or knob on either side of the door. Whenever the latch or the knob on the door is turned or latched then it is retracted.


At the time of installation of the locks, two holes are made into the door perpendicular to each other. The face bore is the hole that is made into the face of the door and the edge bore is a  smaller hole that is made into the edge of the doors. Some additional preparations may be required in case of the edge bore in order to receive the assembly of the latch by the methods of chiselling or routing a mortise that is shallow. Nowadays, as the demand of the cylindrical locks have increased dramatically so, some of the doors that are made commercially come prepared in order to install one or more cylindrical locks like the entry doors which requires a dead bolt as well as a door knob.


The cylindrical locks were first invented in the year 1923 by Walter Schlage. This lock was invented as a need in order to provide more cost-effective locks for the doors. The previous locks that were used, that is, the mortise locks were very complex devices and the cost of manufacturing those locks were also very high. So, the cylindrical locks were made along with certain added functions. The cylindrical lock was so made that the locks would require different face bores for doorknob as well as deadbolt.

Cylindrical knob locks:

The cylindrical knob locks are available in two types- keyless locks as well as keyed knob locks. In case of the keyed knobocks, we can use keys on one side and on the other side we can find the side press bottom. While in case of keyless knob locks, we will find the side press bottoms on both the sides of the lock. These cylindrical knob locks are the perfect solution for security as well as privacy. The keyed cylindrical knobs are used in entrance doors while the keyless cylindrical knobs are used in bathroom doors, utility doors, etc

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