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Everything to Know About Dental Implants

More and more people today have started to consider exploring the option of dental implants. We understand that implants have given us a suitable solution for missing teeth and uncomfortable dentures or bridges. Dental implants in Greenwood can save your teeth from the harmful effects of tooth and gum infections and protect your oral health. Implants can help improve oral health and keep you smiling, irrespective of the cause of extraction or missing teeth.

Conditions of Using Dental Implants

The primary circumstance of using dental implants is in place of lost natural teeth. Dentists prefer dental implants for patients as a solution for missing teeth if:

  • You require a durable and long-term solution for their lost or missing teeth. Implants help keep the natural ability of the jaw that you might miss without natural teeth
  • You want to have a natural smile, and face features remain intact even if replaced by dental implants. You have no disturbance in facial aesthetics as the implants look like natural teeth
  • You want to speak, chew and eat without any problem
  • You wish to avoid the uncomfortable feeling and inconvenience caused by bridges or dentures

Who Can Benefit?

Dental implants in Greenwood is a smart choice for adults of all ages. Those people with missing teeth due to an injury or natural causes can take advantage of dental implants.  Adolescents can also benefit from the procedure once they have completed facial growth and development. The transition occurs around 16 years in girls and 18 years in boys.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants look, feel, and operate like natural teeth. You do not have any disturbance and feel comfortable with any activity like talking or chewing
  • You can take care of them like regular teeth without removing or using any unique material
  • They help you retain facial aesthetics
  • The titanium used in implants can last for a life-time without any issue or need for replacement
  • Dental implants do not slip or click, as they remain secure in their foundation. You can live your life in confidence and smile as much as you want
  • Missing space in your mouth can cause diseases like jawbone deterioration. Having dental implants helps to prevent bone loss and improves jaw health. Dental implants also do not require grinding adjacent teeth to make way like dentures or bridges. They protect facial aesthetics and promote healthy teeth


The planning process for dental implants in Greenwood involves specialists like dentists, prosthodontics, or oral surgeons.  As dental implants require surgical procedures, a thorough inspection before proceeding is an important part. This evaluation includes:

  • A comprehensive dental examination with X-rays and 3D images along with models of your jaw and teeth
  • Doctors take a review of dental health history. They will ask you about any underlying mouth disease previously incurred or any other dental procedure you have undergone. They also take a medical review to avoid any chronic disease from arising in other parts of the body after the procedure. They prescribe over-the-counter drugs or other medicine to prevent potential infection.
  • The dentist will design your treatment plan based on your situation. They take into account all factors like the number of teeth that need replacement or the bone condition.


During surgery for dental implants in Greenwood, the technician will cut the gum to expose the bone area. They drill holes in the area where they will place the metal poles. These posts will serve as the root drilled deeply for the crown. After placing the post, the Osseointegration process begins. During the process, the bone starts to grow around the base and can take several months. It makes a solid foundation for placing the abutment.

After the process completes, another minor surgery commences for placing the abutment. The surgeon reopens the area of the implant and attaches the abutment. They set an artificial crown on the abutment, finally completing the dental implant procedure.

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