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Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Veiled Chameleon

Do you want to have a new pet friend in your house? How about a veiled chameleon? You will only like the idea if you are the one who can think out of the box. A veiled chameleon can be a very good pet and they are also cute. Now, as they are a bit new to us, it is very important to know how to take good care of them. You can always consult the shop owner about veiled chameleon care. They are experts in handling those. Here you will get some essential tips about taking care of your veiled chameleon. Read on to know more-

  1. What Should You Feed Them

While talking about taking care of veiled chameleon, you need to know what to feed those. Providing proper nutrients will keep your pet healthy. Veiled chameleons are insectivorous. So, you can feed them with different types of insects. Always gut load the insects before feeding them. You can give them crickets, waxworms, roaches, mealworms, etc. Remember, you should always buy the feeder insects from the pet shop. Never feed anything wild to the veiled chameleon in captivity as that can be poisonous to them.

  1. How to Feed Your Veiled Chameleons

Once you decide the best types of foods for your veiled chameleons, it is time to know the way of feeding them. You should feed those daily. If you have a baby chameleon, you need to provide enough food for them. While serving food, coat the items in calcium supplement daily and sprinkle multi-vitamins powder once or twice a week. Always provide them fresh vegetables and if it doesn’t eat any vegetables for 24 hours, remove it from the terrarium.

  1. How to House Your Veiled Chameleons

Buying an aquarium is not the right thing as many of the pet owners do so. Veiled chameleons require a particular ambiance to live well. Buy an appropriately sized bin which is taller than wide. There must be screened sides too. Usually, mesh screens are recommended for the habitat of veiled chameleons. Having the perfect habitat is required to make sure that the chameleons can continue their normal behavior. Use non-toxic plants to create a dense area for their hiding. There must be enough branches so that they can climb well. Always maintain 60% of humidity inside the bin. You can mist plants with a dripper along with providing drinking water to the chameleons.

To create the perfect substrate, use sphagnum moss and alfalfa pallets. The temperature must be gradient. You can use a ceramic heater or incandescent lights to maintain the proper heat inside the terrarium. For lighting, you can use a UV bulb that can provide full spectrum light for 10 to 12 hours. Always house adult ones separately and never keep different species of animals in one place.

  1. How to Groom Your Chameleon

Grooming and maintaining the hygiene of the veiled chameleons are very important. Chameleons shed their skin regularly. So, maintain the humidity at the appropriate level that will ensure proper shedding. You need to place a shed box and a hide box with sphagnum moss. These appliances will help them in continuing the shedding process.

  1. How to Know That Your Veiled Chameleon Is ill

You have to be very careful about the behavior of your pet. Monitor minutely and if you find any weird things, you should call the vet. If your veiled chameleons are eating or drinking less or having a runny nose for more than 3 days, you can consult a doctor. Also, check out for swollen joints, discoloration of the skin, any kind of discharge from eyes, mouth, or nose, etc. Any such issues require urgent attention.

So, here you get to know about veiled chameleon care. Having a pet means you need to provide enough of your time to it. That’s why make sure if there is anyone who can take care of your pet when you are away. Also, having ideas about the species will make you more aware of its needs.

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