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Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution and its Causes

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                    Zeeshan Zafar


When we talked about the environment then we definitely talked about pollution and its cases because pollution is the major factor to destroy any environment.

Environmental pollution is the major current issue in the 21st century.

There are many reasons of environmental pollution like the pollution from the industries as they do not clean the waste material and they drop this waste material into the river and as a result, they cause the water pollution which is the most dangerous pollution because they contaminate the water when this contaminated water are used for drinking purpose they cause different disease in humans.

There is also some other reason of pollution like noise pollution which is harmful to the patient and also for children because they affect the hearing.

The government should take the necessary steps to control pollution and protect the environment to keep their people healthy and keep their country pollution-free.



Anything which is added into the environment and is harmful to the environment is called pollution. According to the environmental performance index, Pakistan is 169 among 180 countries and also Pakistan included in 12 worst countries and India is standing on number 4 on environmental pollution.

According to world air Quality Pakistan is ranked 2nd as the most polluted city (2018).

There are many reasons for pollution due to which environment of a country changed and it cause a harmful effect on the animal plant and also on human life.

Sources of Pollution

There are the following sources of pollution which are given below.

Domestic Sources

In domestic sources the water is released from the kitchen bathrooms and also other resources and they are released into the open environment without any cleanness and after this they seepage into the underground resources of water and contaminate them and as a result, the water becomes polluted and they are not be used for drinking and also for the agriculture purpose.

If this water is contained in an appropriate way and clean them before discharge into the open environment then cant cause pollution in the environment.


Industrial source

Industries are the main source of environmental pollution because there are many processes that are going on in the industries which produce a lot of waste products.

These waste products are secreted into the environment through chimneys which release into the air and make the air pollute and other waste products which are secreted through pipes into the open environment they make the land unfertile and also water reach to the groundwater and make it pollute and these pollute write other are not are harmful to drinking purpose and cause different diseases.


Agriculture plays an important role in any country’s economy but it is a fact that agriculture is also playing their role in causing pollution is it not strange that how agriculture plays their role in causing pollution but it’s true due to access use of chemicals to get rid of pesticides and herbicides.

Their excess use can lead to destroying the natural fertility of the land and also dangerous for those microorganisms which are beneficial for the plant as a result they pollute the land.

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