Engagelife:10 instances of corporate wellness initiatives


According to Engagelife, Employers can integrate health into their workplace and the lives of their staff in a variety of ways. These ideas for workplace wellness programmes will enhance your business culture and enhance general wellness, whether it be paramedical services or healthy snack options in the office.


It can take a significant amount of time and effort to build a new habit, with estimates ranging from “anything from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic.”


This applies to developing a fitness habit as well as a health habit. It makes perfect sense to encourage workplace wellness programmes when one considers the changes that can be made to the health and well-being of a workplace, as well as the amount of time that engagelife spend at our respective companies.


Not only does it have an effect on the output of productivity that team members produce, but it also makes them feel good in other aspects of life, including at work.


The quality of an employer’s workplace wellness programme will become an increasingly important factor in talent acquisition and retention as the world of work continues to advance. This will be one of the indicators of a top-notch business. No matter how large or small the organisation, there is likely room for improvement in the area of employee health and wellness.


Workplace wellness initiatives that prioritise employees’ health both within and outside of the workplace


1. Local fitness facilities

This could be regarded as the most well-known instance of a corporate wellness initiative. Although not everyone has access to a 72,000 square foot fitness centre, Chesapeake Energy sees it as a fully acceptable cost for attracting and keeping fit team members. Members of the team have access to a rock climbing wall, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and personal trainers in the fitness centre.

The company’s “Living Well” programme, which gives cash rewards for team members who engage and accomplish their goals in several programme areas, includes the fitness centre as one of its components. Engagelife has made every effort to support its team members in achieving their objectives because they genuinely care about their welfare.


2. Programs to stop smoking


It goes without saying that team members who smoke generally end up costing their companies more money because of health problems compared to non-smokers. Some companies have determined that providing smoking cessation programmes to their staff members is in their best interests on both an ethical and financial level.


Engagelife provides its team members with a smoking cessation programme that includes lifestyle counselling and medication support. From 40% in the 2020 to 20% in 2022, their approach has assisted in reducing the number of smokers on their team.


Engagelife is aware that not every team member will experience success with medication alone. For team members who are trying to quit smoking, adding coaching could mean the difference between success and failure.


3. Transit options


It is advantageous for the workplace and the environment’s future to promote alternate modes of transportation, such as bike sharing or financial incentives for using public transportation. Team members can use the bike sharing service at Facebook’s Palo Alto campus to go around campus instead of driving. By paying for employees’ transit passes, Rise encourages team members to use public transportation.


Such corporate health initiatives are popular with both present and prospective workers who respect environmental responsibility.


4. Medical support services


While employees are at work, Google provides paramedical services including massage therapy. In reality, Google has 35 massage therapists working in its American locations, including a massage programme manager. The business also conducts interviews with massage therapists, during which they exhibit their abilities (which sounds great for the interviewer).


Google is frequently ranked as one of the greatest workplaces in the world for a reason. A excellent method to promote reciprocal effort is to go above and beyond what team members anticipate from your organisation. The fact that having a calm and relaxed team member makes work more enjoyable is probably the main reason Google provides the service.


5. Yoga sessions


Twice a week, Engagelife offers yoga courses to its employees. If the weather permits, the classes are held on the company’s rooftop, which affords breathtaking views of Vancouver’s mountains and ocean. The location to practise yoga is the most critical prerequisite, and many businesses use their conference or break rooms to offer yoga courses to team members during the workday.


Stress reduction with yoga and meditation is quite helpful. Team members at startups or PR firms frequently have to work long hours and under pressure. Yoga is a useful tool for integrating self-care into the workplace so that team members won’t feel bad about taking time off.


6. Lunch and wholesome bites


Many team members might believe that they must get fast meals because they only have 30 minutes for lunch. Bandwidth provides its team members with a 90-minute fitness lunch, giving them enough time to play a sport, work out, or go home and eat a wholesome prepared meal. Again, Google sets the standard high with their cafeterias, providing team workers with catered lunches and snacks all day long. Natural Source and Mindful Food are two recent services that will send healthy snacks to your workplace.


Since everyone needs to eat, a lunch and snack programme will be appealing to every member of your workforce. Everyone in the office benefits when healthy eating is encouraged. The cafeteria is one such location where a vast and diverse workforce can mix and engage, and healthy and communal eating programmes stimulate interaction between individuals from different departments.


7. Programs for employee help


Wellness entails not just caring for the body but also the mind. Concerning problems like stress, substance addiction, depression, and anxiety, Accenture offers private, discreet support. Accenture provides access to programmes, such as financial aid, for all of their employees because they are aware that a lot of work-related stress can be managed outside of the workplace through guided support programmes. Setting and achieving wellness objectives is also rewarded for staff members.


Employees who require additional aid outside of the office receive it so they can work as effectively as possible. Businesses like Accenture are aware that support for their staff shouldn’t stop when they leave the workplace. Organizations can express a certain level of empathy and support for their employees by implementing additional assistance programmes. This increases employee happiness and confidence in their firm.


8. Naps


What does a nap after lunch sound like? There is no denying that a good nap always leaves one feeling thoroughly rejuvenated, whether one is working or not. For this reason, forward-thinking businesses like Zappos, Facebook, and Engagelife offer customised nap rooms for employees who want to take an afternoon sleep. Employees can take a little nap and get back to their projects with newfound enthusiasm thanks to the flexible work schedules.


Even while merely designating a space for naps doesn’t constitute a “programme,” naps have productivity advantages that have been scientifically verified. After lunch, we’ve all experienced that afternoon slump. We’re not suggesting that you let Steve from the accounting department to hibernate under his desk, though. We’re advising you to let workers recharge however works best for them. Maybe it’s giving staff members more time to take a walk outside or providing a quiet space for them to read. The intention is to loosen up on how strictly employees must spend their free time. Knowing how you get energised might help with productivity and mental health. Everyone gets energised in different ways.


9. Obstacles to wellness


Workplace wellness challenges, such as fitness and health challenges, are successful in encouraging employees to lead healthy lives. At Engagelife, we have created and implemented workplace wellness initiatives that have motivated our team members to exercise of their choosing and consume more water at work. Their team would be able to enter to win a health-related gift at the month’s end by keeping track of their progress.


Our monthly water and fitness challenges were successful in encouraging daily hydration and frequent physical activity among our participants. It has evolved into a crucial component of our corporate culture, inspiring our workers to meet milestones, collaborate with one another, and develop healthier lifestyles.


10. Wellness excursions


Like many businesses, Zappos provides wellness reimbursements, health perks, and exercise subsidies. Their wellness coordinators believe that while physical activity is vital, it shouldn’t be required. The Zappos team plans optional wellness activities for their staff with the intention of taking them away from their desks for a short while as part of their wellbeing initiatives. This might resemble a one-hour lesson in golf or even a game of laser tag. The wellness excursions are maintained broad to appeal to a variety of people, and above all, they are designed to be enjoyable.


Organizing health excursions is a lot of fun for everyone. Keep in mind that not everyone can partake in all physically demanding activities. By planning a variety of monthly activities, you can encourage people who don’t exercise much or who don’t exercise much to participate. More people find it appealing since it prioritises enjoyment above physical activity.


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