Elden Ring: Lakeside Crystal Cave Dungeon Guide

Utilizing our Elden Ring walkthrough, you will be able to successfully complete the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon and defeat the Bloodhound Knight.

Dungeon Guide

The Liurnia of the Lakes region of Elden Ring contains a number of dungeons, including the Lakeside Crystal Cave, which is one of the earlier ones. It is very dark, and demi-humans are hiding around every corner, ready to ambush you at any moment. The upper short cavern is home to a demi-human chief who guards a chest containing the Spear Talisman. This artifact boosts the damage done by spear counterattacks and is located in the chest.

Nevertheless, this is not the ultimate boss you will face in the dungeon. At the bottom of the chasm, where it is hidden from view, there is more to discover and investigate. You will need to make use of stealth, jump from platform to platform, and squash snails in order to progress through this dungeon. The effort is more than compensated for by the rewards, which consist of a pair of talismans and a large number of runes.

Upon entering the cave, there is a chest located directly in front of you. You need to open Elden Ring runes up and get the Arteria Leaf that’s inside. Continue along the path heading west until you reach the large hole in the ground. Be wary of the bushes that are directly in front of you because a demi-human will come rushing out of them to attack you. This region is also patrolled by a second demi-human armed with a shield, who, if given the opportunity, will cry for assistance.

Lakeside Cave Snail Room Demi Human Paths

Keep going up the trail to the left until you reach the fire. There are still three more demi-humans hiding up here around the dead body. Defeat them, then collect the three large beast bones that are located within their bodies.

It is very difficult to fight in this cavern without the aid of a torch because of how dark  Elden Ring runes for sale is. You can light your way and keep your hands free if you buy a lantern from the Nomadic Merchant who is stationed by the Liurnia Lake Shore Grace.

Turn around and follow the trail back down, then keep going west until you reach the fires up ahead. There are a total of three demi-humans present here, with one of them being particularly large and wielding a spiked club.

Lakeside Cave Snail RoomDemi Human Chief

After dispatching these two foes, proceed through the tunnel in front of you to reach the cavern that contains a small camp, some bushes, and a waterfall. This room is constantly patrolled by a menacing demi-human chief. Although he is tough, he is especially susceptible to damage from slashes and the effects of status ailments. As you enter, two more demihumans will try to ambush you; one will come out of the bushes, and the other will come out of the boxes that are across from the waterfall. When you have reason to believe that an ambush is about to occur, use target lock to unearth any hidden attackers. After defeating the chief, proceed to the area of the campsite where there is a chest and open it. After retrieving the Spear Talisman, you should make your way back out of the tunnel.

Lakeside Cave Drop

Although he presents a formidable challenge, the chief is not the most powerful foe in the dungeon. You will need to descend into the large hole that is located in the primary cavern in order to reach the boss. Proceed with caution as you descend between the platforms that protrude from the wall, first to the west, then to the east toward the fire.

Proceed forward into the next room, which has three crystal snails in it. If you want to avoid being harassed by these foes’ annoying area-of-effect attacks, you shouldn’t let them encircle you. Five throwing daggers are found on a corpse that is currently on the floor.

Proceed through the doorway that is located on the north wall of this room. You should immediately look to your left, where you will find a large group of dozing snails encircling a dead body. To prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, either finish them off quickly with attacks that have an area of effect or entice them back through the chamber one at a time. The dead body lying beneath them is carrying a golden rune number 5. Proceed further down the passageway.

Lakeside Cave Drop2

When you make  buy Elden Ring runes to the bottom of the cavern, you will find yourself on a ledge that is surrounded by large crystals. Drop down from the ledge on the left side of the ledge to the platform where there is a body lying down. First, descend to the floor of the cavern and then pick up the two soft cottons that are located on the body.

In the event that you search the bodies that are lying on the ground, you will obtain a smithing stone number 4, a smithing stone number 2, and a lump of flesh. Continue traveling to the west through the cave until you come across three more snails. The entrance that is just ahead of you will take you straight to the boss, without requiring you to travel through any mist. Be ready to engage in combat before you enter the arena.
Battle with the Boss of the Bloodhound Knight in the Lakeside Cave

Slash of the Bloodhound Knight

Fights against the Bloodhound Knight can be challenging, especially when taking place in such a confined space. He can quickly close the distance between them and teleport forward to avoid taking damage. His slashes have a broad and sweeping arc, and with each attack, he will cause you to lose an increasing amount of blood.

On the other hand, his attacks are very obviously foreshadowed and can be easily sidestepped if one has adequate timing. It is recommended that you make use of the summons that are available for this fight. Keep a close distance to the boss, strike at the end of his combos, and roll into his blows for the most effective defense against his attacks. A shield may come in handy, but Elden Ring Runes PC won’t prevent you from suffering from blood loss and buildup. It is recommended that ranged fighters use summons to distract the boss and avoid attacks with lengthy animations because the boss is able to quickly close the distance between themselves and the player.

Lakeside Cave Snail Room 2

After you have defeated this boss, you will receive 3,600 runes and the Cerulean Amber Medallion as rewards. Additionally, Elden Ring items for sale allows you to enter the Lone Wolf Shack, where you can have a conversation with Latenna.

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