Eight Great Uses for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Eight Great Uses for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Proud owners a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will need no justification for the ownership of such a tool, regardless of the model. While the exact and specific functionality of each model of Swiss Army Knife will engender different utility and will vary, there’s no disputing the plain claim that a Swiss Army Knife is a serious tool that is well adapted to its owner’s life easier. Check out these great uses for a Swiss Army Knife.

1.    Keep your teeth clean

Let’s start off with something that most people probably wouldn’t think of when they envision a multi tool. However, hygiene in the backcountry is extremely important to your health, and with a Swiss Army Knife that includes a toothpick, you can help keep your teeth clean on the trail. There are also ways to craft “toothbrushes” from twigs, but this is a quick and easy way to keep your teeth clean.

2.    Start a fire 

There are a lot of ways to make a fire with a Swiss Army Knife, but this specific method requires a model that comes with a magnifying glass. Prepare your tinder and the rest of your structure, and focus the light on a small dot on the tinder. Hold it until it begins to smoke and soon you should have a flame.

3.    Create feather sticks to make that part easier

Feather sticks can help make building a fire a lot easier, and can be made more easily with the help of a sharp knife. Using the blade of your Swiss Army Knife,shave small slivers of wood from a very dry stick toward the end without separating them from the stock. Once you have a bundle of these, they should light easily.

4.    Construct traps and shelters

For this, you will probably need a Swiss Army Knife that comes with a saw. With a little wood sa, you can make sharp crossgrain cuts to make joints and notches in wood from which you can construct traps and small shelters.

5.    Tighten loose screws

Most Swiss Army Knives come with a screwdriver and many come with more than one. Many small devices nowadays contain screws, which, if they come loose, can ruin their usefulness. Having a Swiss Army Knife on hand can make it easy for you to keep all of this tight.

6.    Make a stove 

If you cut off the top of an aluminum can or a part of it, you can make a stove from it using a Swiss Army Knife. Flip the can – or half can – over, and punch several holes around the midsection to allow for airflow to the fuel. Fill it with stove fuel and you can use it as a small camp stove.

7.    Stitch up torn fabric

This will also require the use of a Swiss Army Knife that has an awl; you can use this tool to stitch up old tears in fabric or to repair seams that have torn open.

8.    Open cans and bottles

There are no tricks here; if your Swiss Army Knife has a can opener, it can be used to open cans, and if it has a bottle opener, it can be used to open bottles. Actually, some Swiss Army Knives come with a corkscrew, so they can be used to open corked bottles as well.

These are some of the most visible uses for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, but there are literally hundreds more that enterprising individuals will be able to use. If you’re looking for a wide collection of high quality Victorinox knives, visit White Mountain Knives at and get to shopping. Their collection is big, their prices are great and they offer free shipping in the U.S., find your next favorite today.

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