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Effective Home Remedy For Eye Stye

Eye stye is a bacterial infection that involves one or more small glands near the base of your eyelashes. It looks like a pimple and red in color. An eye stye is often very painful & sometimes it becomes more disasters.  They often filled with pus.  In most cases stye forms on the outside of your eyelid but sometimes it can also form on the inner side of the eyelid.

Usually, it happens when a gland is blocked and bacteria can develop inside and cause a stye in your eye. Normally stye goes away on its own within 7 to 10 days.

Eye Stye Symptoms

A stye can be more painful near the eyelids. It may take several days to grow large enough to be visible. According to research, few people feel pain, burning, and irritation near the affected area before its appearance. A chalazion is also another condition that can cause the inflammation of eyelids. A chalazion is not painful as comparable to Stye.

A symptom of eye stye includes:

  • A Lump on your eyelid
  • Swelling of Eyelid
  • Itching & pain on your eyelid
  • Run out of tear

Causes Of Eye Stye

The main cause of eye stye is an infection of oil glands in eyelids. An external eye stye happens when the hair follicles of the eyelash become infected. When internal stye develops it affects your internal eyelid.  Although it is not a serious illness it can be very painful and irritating.

Some risk factors of eye styes are:

  • A weak immune system
  • Any previous eye stye history
  • Sharing hanky or makeup products
  • Suffering from the rosacea skin condition
  • Other medical reason like diabetes or high serum lipids

Here is the list of homemade remedies that actually works:

A stye usually needs very little medical treatment because it’s clear up itself within a few weeks. In the meantime, don’t touch or squeeze the affected place because it can be harmful to your eye.

  1. Coriander seeds: Coriander seeds are one of the most effective remedy. To take advantage of this, what you have to do is boil few seeds in water. Let it cool and wash the affected area with it. You can use this twice or thrice in a day to heal your stye in no time.
  2. Green Tea Bags: To apply this take a tea bag and dip it into the warm water. Squeeze the extra water and put this bag on the affected area of your eye until it cools its cool down. You can also place this over your lid if you are facing the stye inside the lid. It gives relief from the pain and helps reduce the swelling. The good thing about this remedy is you can use a used tea bag also.
  3. Potato: As we all know potato acts amazingly a natural remedy to get rid of under-eye puffiness. Take a potato and peel & grate it properly. Put this in a soft cloth and wrap the cloth around it. Now keep this cloth over your eyelid. This works wonderfully as potatoes contain a rich source of anti-inflammatory compounds. It reduces the pain, swelling and also prevents infection.
  4. Turmeric: Turmeric contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds and also enriched with antiseptic quality. To use this you need a pinch of turmeric powder and a glass of water. Mix both of them properly then rinse your eye with this. For faster result, you can use this twice a day.
  5. Use Aloe Vera: Aloe vera act as a natural remedy for skin, eye, the body as it is highly enriched with Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acids. Take an aloe vera leaf cut it and take out the pulp from it. Now you can put this pulp over your eye and leave it for few minutes. Rinse your eye with clean water after some time. This treatment provides quick relief cure and you can use it 2, 3 times in a day.
  6. Guava leaves: Guava leaves heal the lump and provide relief from pain and swelling. To make this remedy boil the leaves for a few minutes. Keep it aside and let it cool down. After that use a clean towel and dip the cloth in this mixture and place it on the affected place for 15 minutes. As Guava are antimicrobial in nature it will also prevent the eye from getting infected.
  7. Use A Warm Compress: Warm compress helps the duct open and drain it. To make use of it; take a soft, clean towel & dip it into the bowl of warm water. Wring out excess liquid or water then apply the cloth to the eyelid for 10- 15 minutes. You can repeat this trick several times a day until swelling goes down.
  8. Gently Massage Your Eye: With gentle massage for several minutes, each day can help the oil duct drain more rapidly. But one you need to keep in mind that the hands are clean because dirt may lead to more risk of infection. Once the stye area begins to drain, it is recommended that don’t touch the clean area with bare hands.

Things you need to avoid

While suffering from eye infection, you need to avoid eye makeup or contact lenses to prevent further discomfort or irritation.

When To See A Doctor

If the stye doesn’t heal within one month then definitely consider with an eye doctor. Healthcare will examine the area to determine the condition. After completion of the process, they may prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointment to reduce disease and speedy recovery.

Summary: A stye can be a painful or painless lump that can develop on the eyelid. You can notice irritation and discomfort while having this infection but it is harmless and clears up by itself within a few days. If this took more than a month then consult with an eye specialist for faster recovery. Eye infection can affect all ages of people. Even healthy people can also get infected but due to healthy skin they probably able to get rid of it easily. To avoid this do follow the daily cleansing routine with clean hands.

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