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Easy Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas

Ready to celebrate a birthday party but without a cake it’s never going to complete. Here are the best homemade designer cakes for birthday ideas to make your celebration more special. 

Easy homemade birthday cake recipes to make for your birthday & other occasions.

1. Confetti Birthday drip cake

Delicious and fun cake to celebrate your birthday happily and with joy. This is a fluffy and super moist cake that is fully dripped with delicious vanilla frosting that’s beautifully dripped from the top of the cake. It’s never a question to find happiness after looking at the pop of rainbow confetti on the cake that is made easily at home than most of the cakes. You could also add a whipped chocolate buttercream on the cake.

2. Best Chocolate cake

This recipe is always the best cake to try at home. Even it could be the best cake for celebrating on your birthday. You all require a buttercream frosting for coating your delicious cake that is made from dividing two layers by half. Decorate your cake beautifully with chocolate shavings or with a chocolate bar.

3. Ice cream sandwich cake

Ice cream sandwiches are very favorite at every birthday party. This cake contains every ingredient of ice cream sundae which contains fudge sauce, ice cream, nuts, caramel sauce moreover with creamy whipped topping.

4. Pineapple Cakes

Every person has their personal pineapple cakes flavors with their crafty pineapple cakes and decorations. But in 1952 article suggested using pineapple juice than water while mixing cake and use pineapple rings than crushed pineapple for a more firm texture.

5. Mocha Chocolate Chip cake

Another chocolate cake to make your birthday more creamy and dreamier. For this cake, you need unique favorite flavors. Thin chocolate chip cookies are topped with a creamy and rich blend of sugar, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and espresso. Then cream and cookies meld for making your cake more magical.

6. Banana cake with caramel drizzle

This cake is drizzled richly with caramel with a modern twist. Depth caramel flavor does wonders on your cake with soft cream cheese topping and filling. You can decorate your delicious banana cake with peanuts and that is toasted to make it special. As bananas are a  fruit that is available in your home every time baking this cake on birthday celebration is good to pick.

7. White Chocolate celebratory cake

White Chocolate is a super impressive cake to have on your occasions. It takes tons of time assembling or making but this cake is worth a shot at baking. It is a very light sponged cake inside but gives a rich look outside. 

8. Candy cane cake

What can be the best way to celebrate your birthday with full of candies? Full head to toes of the cake covered with candies. It’s doesn’t ask you many things to make it. You just need the ingredients to make the cake better, white frosting, neon food coloring, and delicious candles. All set to make an easy homemade birthday cake.

9. Kit Kat cake

This is another super simple cake. Where this fluffy cake is filled with creamy chocolate and topped with Jems or M & M’s and kit kat chocolate bars used to line the edges. 

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