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Drift boss: An interesting drifting game

1. Overview of DRIFT BOSS

Drift boss was released in December 2019 bởi DesarrApps. This is a drifting game that can only be played by pushing one button. Keep perfect timing as you navigate your car around an endless road of curves to prevent crashing into space.

How far will you stray? To unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and other vehicles, keep drifting and accumulating cash.

Drift Boss is a fantastic game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours whether you want to demonstrate your driving prowess or test your reflexes.

2. Features in Drift boss

This is a game with quite an attractive visual design with bright colors. Additionally, there is a wonderful 3D arcade environment and engaging sounds. Also, drift game allows players to play in full-screen mode making the player’s gaming experience better. The rewards and unlocking of new cars have attracted the interest of players.

3. Gameplay

3.1. Description

Drift boss has extremely simple gameplay. Players must use the mouse to control the car to move through the bends so as not to fall off the road. The key to winning the game is timing. To drive your car in the right direction and prevent going off the platforms, you must click at precisely the right time. There are several challenging curves, locations, and bumps throughout the game. Even some of the tight spaces demand that drivers use exact judgment when turning their autos.

Despite the straightforward controls, drifting around bends requires a lot of practice. More coins are earned as you progress. To earn more cash and unlock more vehicles like trucks and police cars, attempt to travel as far as you can.

An endless drift game is Drift Boss. And as you drift forward, the difficulty likewise gets harder. To earn a high score and establish yourself as a master of drifting, try to drift as far as you can.

3.2. How to control the car?

On PC: Hold down the left mouse button or press Space to move the car to the right, and release the button to move the car to the left.

On a mobile phone: Touch the screen to move to the right, then release the screen to move to the left.

3.3. Where can players play Drift boss?

Drift Boss is an exclusive web game. Although there isn’t a legitimate Android or iOS version of the game, there is a cross-platform version available online. Therefore, if you play on a website, you can always play it on your phone without downloading the game.

4. Powers ups

The boosters that you can gather and employ in the game are a major aspect of Drift Boss. There are now three boosters available in the game: Coin Rush, Car Insurance, and Double Score. All of the boosters are available at once when you initially load the game. In order for you to test them out and choose the finest one for you. 

Coin rush: When you choose this booster, you will be able to gather all of the coins that spawn on the track. If Coin Rush is off, just a small quantity of coins spawn on the track. The most expensive booster in the game, the Coin Rush booster, is available for 75 coins.

Car insurance: A game session allows for two attempts. When you choose this booster, you will respawn if you fall off the track. Car Insurance was purchased at 50 coins.

Double score: Your game session’s score is multiplied by two. This is helpful if your goal is to achieve the game’s top score. For 25 coins, the most affordable booster is this one.

However, just before you begin playing, these boosters are accessible.

5. How can people receive rewards in Drift boss?

In Drift Boss, the reward system is one of the best ways to keep the player interested while offering a fantastic gameplay experience. There are two additional ways to obtain game rewards.

4.1. Daily rewards

Every 24 hours, the game gives the user a specified prize, such as extra coins and boosters. This contributes to the player base’s long-term viability. Since you’re getting paid to keep playing the game every day.

Whenever you miss getting your daily award, you may always get to the daily reward page by clicking on the GIFT button. If there is a new prize for you or if you need to wait a while to receive a reward, it indicates a red pop.

4.2. Spin to win

This is an unpredictable reward system that can appear at any time throughout the gaming session.              

5. Drift hunters

Drift Hunters is one of the most popular 3D drifting games. This game has a great selection of tracks and lots of fine-tuned cars.

Find out how long you can maintain the drift! The more your points multiplier rises, the longer you wander. The points can be used to purchase exotic vehicles, such as the quick Porsche 911 GT. There are a total of 26 totally customizable cars that may be purchased.

How to play

  • Drifting

Find out how long you can maintain the drift! The more your points multiplier rises, the longer you wander. The points can be used to purchase exotic vehicles, such as the quick Porsche 911 GT. There are a total of 26 totally customizable cars that may be purchased.

  • Turning

Every automobile you purchase may be fully customized, including the turbo, brake balance, front camber, rear offset, and other features. These variables are completely modifiable, so you may discover the optimal tuning for your drift performance.

Additionally, you can improve performance. Upgrades to the brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine are all possible. Enjoy a variety of rims at no cost as you complete your vehicle in any color.


  • Use the WASD or arrows keys to steer the car
  • Use the space as the handbrake
  • Use C to change the camera position
  • Use left shift to shift up gears
  • Use left Ctrl to shift gears

Tips to play better

  • When in a mid-drift, use caution when accelerating.
  • Keep the drift going by swerving from side to side on straight roadways.
  • Prepare your autos for maximum drift by finding the sweet spot.
  • Drive on expansive maps for hours of undisturbed drifting.

6. Burnout drift

A variety of unique cars and tracks may be found in the drifting video game Burnout Drift. Select your vehicle, drive it around town, and be paid for your drifting prowess. Spend your money on amazing new motors to race around the courses in your customized vehicle.

How to play 

  • Find the perfect car to drift the streets

You can buy new automobiles with the money you earn from performing amazing drifts. The Ford Mustang is the car you start out with, but you can progress to pick-ups, supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, and drifting legends like the Nissan 350z. When you have enough money, you can purchase these powerful cars.

  • Test your tracks with your wheels.

In Burnout Drift, you can race your newest set of wheels around three fantastic tracks.

Rocky Pass is a fantastic middle-ground track since it is a traditional mountain track with lots of challenging turns and long corners.

Once you get the hang of it, Ridge is a large city road and perhaps the best track for drifting.

Winter Pass is a little more difficult because of the snow, which slows you down and makes you slide more.

Tips to play

  • Ridge is the most profitable and convenient track for drifting.
  • You’ll score points more quickly the longer you maintain the same drift.
  • You will lose all of your drift points if you crash, so take caution!
  • Each car has distinct qualities, some of which are superior to others.

7. Madalin Stunt car

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is a 3D stunt driving game featuring some of the world’s most powerful cars. Race through one of the three sizable maps by hopping behind the wheel of your preferred car. To enjoy the high-octane pleasure, invite your buddies to play on any of the online multiplayer servers.

How to play

  • Single-play mode

In the driving game Madalin Stunt Cars 2, you get to choose how to play. You can push your wheels to their maximum speed, drift around turns, and do wild maneuvers. In addition, you can choose whatever car you want to drive right away. Additionally, playing online is an option.

  • Online multiplayer mode

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is a driving game where you can customize your gameplay. You may accelerate your wheels to their top speed, drift through turns, and do crazy moves. Also, you can immediately select the vehicle you want to drive. Online gaming is an additional choice.

  • Choose your vehicle

Choose from 34 vehicles, from powerful muscle cars to frightfully quick supercars. Adapt the color to your personal taste. These supercars, sports cars, and muscle cars are the inspiration for the vehicles in Madalin Stunt Cars 2!

8. Conclusion

Drift boss is a game inspired by the game Zigzag. The game has simple gameplay along with an eye-catching design that has attracted many players of all ages. Drift boss gives players great relaxing moments because players will not need to think logically in the game but also practice their reflexes.


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