Dress red leather jacket with hood like a pro

In the 5 years old game Arkham knight red leather jacket, we heard that certain modifications and updates are in line. Areas, where changes are expected, are several but fans are most excited for the suit-up modifications, as always. We still remember when Arkham Knight Red Hood Jacket 2.0 released fans lost their peace of mind in a good way. After facing much criticism on the game, at least there was something that fans liked, and the strategy of attracting as well as retaining the followers worked. 


Dc and other comics are in the constant struggle of sustaining their followership. And the aim is not to just sustain it but also to create opportunities to grab potential followers by any means. We know that struggle might not be an appropriate word to use for comics like DC and Marvel as they have already set in their ways and built very strong and successful followership, but when it comes to putting efforts, the dedication and passion we see, that is just pure struggling phenomenon.

Now here, when we are saying that both the comics are pretty strong and successful, it does not mean that they don’t make mistakes or they don’t create awful content sometimes. As constant followers, we have to cut them slack and understand that not every time, in every area, they can throw bombastic content. People who are crazily following them, whether it is the movie, comic, games, or whatsoever they are producing, keep their expectations and hopes pretty high.

Keeping hopes high in the sky means fans go through and keep a tight watch on each and every detail. Whether it is the graphics, directions, acting, storyline, or costumes. The Red Hood Leather Jacket was only possible since the fans kept a close watch on each and every detail. The pressure of matching the hopes is high. And it has never run at a constant pace.

When it’s been said that dc is for everyone, it simply means that through several ways, they have gathered the viewership, enlarged the audience, and extended the entertainment mediums, and that is how they have become accessible for every age group, every gender, and even for the non-movie-lover audience. Which is kind of a deal.

Arkham Knight entertains hardcore videogame players. It is an interactive game and possesses features that are commendable and almost give you a feel like you are part of the DC universe. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, who doesn’t want to become a part of such a great and heroic universe.


The red hood is a complex and love-deprived character of the DC universe. It is hard to read his personality; DC has made this specific character’s life like a living hell. Traumas and damages Jason Todd has gone through are saddening. But it would be better if we unfold Jason Todd’s life little by little. 

The first one you will get to know is a child Jason. Jason, an orphan child, was taken by Batman. Sharing one mutual point, losing parents in an early stage of their life. Batman did not let him get into the wrong hands and trained him all by himself. That is how he got famous and got recognition as Batman’s sidekick. Call him a sidekick or second robin of Batman’s. 

As Jason Todd was trained and prepared by Batman, and then he himself was a street child who knows the real struggles and has this strong motto of fighting against street crime. But what one can do when one lost all hopes and positivity. Just imagine, all your life, you look up to this one person and set your life priorities as per that one specific person, and then one day you get to know that the person has abandoned you in your tough time. Well, everything will shatter and tremble down. That is exactly what happened with 2nd Robin.

After he got kidnapped by Joker and tortured like an animal, Batman did not come to rescue him. Although it was all Joker’s plan that he videotaped Jason, a dead person, yet still many blame Batman for believing Joker, and so did Jason. From being second Robin to becoming a Red Hood, he suffered a long way. 

In comics or pictographs, as much as a good storyline is important, the costumes of the characters are even more important, so when you are talking about this personality shift of Jason, then obviously coming out as Red Hood means owning up to the costume of the villain. Red Hood as a villain had this amazing costume. 


If you hope and aim to dress like a pro gamer, and your inspirations are from Arkham Knight, then you would not find anyone better than Red Hood. Believe us when we are saying this. 

Everything that you need to dress like a Red Hood is listed below:

RED HOOD VEST: get yourself the vest, white in color, just how Red hood had it in the game.

RED HOOD JACKET: The most important and most visible chunk of the costume is definitely Red Hood Leather Jacket. Not just any jacket but a jacket with a red hood at the back. If you are wearing this jacket right, then honestly, you are changing the whole game. 

LOGO: just because you are wearing a jacket, that does not mean you can ignore the red bat logo. Placed on the center of the vest and this logo will give you the recognition of being a red hood and not the robin. 

BOOTS: Boots that you see Red Hood wearing in the game are Military Combat Boots. Black in color matching with the pants.

RED HOOD BELT: the red hood belt is black in color. And it completes the look of the entire outfit. It is the minor details that count.

RED HOOD HOLSTER: if it is the gun that the red hood needs, then obviously, a holster is important to carry.

Rest style all the bits accordingly, and you know that there is always room for the betterment and that minor details can create a drastic difference. So let’s see what minors we were missing out on.

A red hood red mask is definitely something that can change your costume game. Around the waist, you will see a red hood wearing Red Hood Holder. The holder can also add up to the accuracy. Don’t miss out on the knee pads, arm pads, and a fake gun.

Writing about Batman Red Hood Jacket and then adding all the gossips about Arkham knight is sure a hell of a deal. Anything related to Arkham knight is absolutely beautiful and interesting to know, and never a waste.

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