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Drawing Animals Easy Step By Step For Beginners

Drawing Animals Easy Step By Step

Cool drawing idea

Hi guys today’s art advice of cool drawing idea. I’m going to share with you how to drawing animals some really basic tips which you can implement to improve your realistic drawing. So, if you want to really improve your animal studies and really get on top of that realism. Then these tips are going to be for you. So, let’s dive straight into these tips and the first one. I have for you is to make sure that you use reference material.

Drawing animals

This is extremely important cool drawing idea especially if you aren’t familiar with your animal. So, there are certain animals that obviously. We can’t go and look at and observe from real life like animals. Which are on a different continent to us. Sometimes it’s going to be difficult to go and actually observe an animal. So, it’s really important to use reference material. When you can and when you need to it’s also not really practical to go on observe animals in the flesh. Either you can observe a cat or a dog.

drawing animals

Drawing animals cartoon

If you have one of those are particularly easy but sometimes going to a zoo and observing the animals there. Sometimes that’s not really practical either so using reference material is really going to help you. It’s going to help you with your proportions and it’s better to have that sort of snapshot in your mind of the drawing animals. You’re drawing is better to actually reference something and get it right.

Cartoon drawing animals

Then make it up and get it wrong. Using a reference image or reference material will also allow you to get those accurate drawings. It will help you to understand the anatomy. So, if you were to look at a selection of dog images. You just wanted to sort of understand how the nose sort of sits within a dog muzzle. How the first sort of sits around a nose you could study a selection of reference images.

Step by step drawing animals

You could really grasp for that idea and you can draw from those reference images and really apply that to your realistic drawing animals. The main point of using a reference image or reference material is that it allows you to draw. What you see and not what you think you see. So again, it stops you from making up certain compositions within your mind. It allows you to actually what you’re seeing and what the animal is actually like.

Realistic drawing animals

Some people might be against them are really helpful for your artistic journey. They’re really helpful to help you grow and really grasp the idea of composition of the sort of accurate anatomy of the drawing animals. You’re drawing so this next step is more of a general coloured pencil tip. But it also is really important for when you are drawing animals. So, i thought I would include this and that is to always make sure that your pencil is sharp.

Drawing animals step by step

I cannot stress this one enough that sharp pencils really do make. All the difference within your drawings having a sharp pencil allows for a smooth. Even colour lay down is really good for adding the shading. It’s also good for adding the details. So, it’s always a great idea to make sure that you have a really good sharpener. That’s going to sharpen your pencils to get that really fine sharp point. So that you get that smooth colour so that you get those really light layers as well.

Drawing animals in pencil

You can add in those really sharp details. If you have tried to use a really blunt pencil to add details in animal drawing. They’re not going to come out really sharp. But if you have that really sharp point on your pencil then you’re going to get really accurate pinprick details. It’s going to make your realistic drawing animals really come to life by having that sharp pencil. Adding in those sharp details this next tip is also more of a general coloured pencil tip.

Pencil drawing animals

But I thought I would include it because again it is really essential and that is just to use extremely light pressure. You’re going to be able to get so many layers by using light pressure. If you govern with a hard pressure, you’re going to diminish the truth of the paper. You’re not going to get as many layers down and you’re not going to be able to get accurate colours or accurate details. When it comes to adding those details so you want to go in with really light pressure.

Drawing animals for kids

You can really get sort of infinite layers. So, the lighter you use your pencil the more layers. You’re going to be able to get and you’re going to be able to create a real depth of realism. So, you’re going to be able to create loads of different tones within your colours. You’re going to be able to add all of those that really find details on top with absolutely no problem. The next is line length and when I mean line length, I mean how it pertains to the fur.

Animal drawings in pencil

At the direction that the fur is going in so before you actually start to add any layers of pencil. You need to sort of study your reference photo really closely.  Whatever you’re using and you need to determine the direction of your fur. Also, the length of your first so you need to look at it and think is this short fur is, its long fur. It somewhere in between and then you need to apply that you need to keep that in your mind and apply that to how you are using your pencil.

Drawing animals easy

So, if you have shorter fur. You’re going to want to make really short marks on your paper. If you have a longer fur then you want to create really long flowing marks with your pencil. Line length is really important because if yours to go in with really long strokes on a short head. Animal is going to make the animal look really long haired. You’re going to lose that element of realism. So, you really want to make sure that you do pay attention to the length of the fur.

How to draw animals cartoon

The direction of feathers anything like that and you want to make sure that you apply that through your pencil. So, you want to make sure you’re working in the correct direction with the correct length of line. The next tip is to identify your values and you can do this by really studying. Your reference by really looking at your reference photo and you want to find the lightest and the darkest areas within your reference material. So, you want to make sure you really study it.

Animal drawings cartoon

If you are having real difficulty finding those lighter and darker areas. A tip and a trick that I usually do is to just slightly squint at the reference photo. Because it really makes those values pop out a lot more without sort of distracting your eye with other things. The mid-tone values if you squint at a reference photo you can see the really dark areas and a lot more. You can see those lighter areas a lot more. So that’s a good tip for identifying your values.

Cartoon animal drawings

Once you’ve identified your values you need to make sure that you mark those down. When creating your outline to sort of just do the general outline and shape of the animal. But you also need to note down. Any of those values and where those values change so it’s a good idea to map those down. When you are drawing your outline however you decide to do your outline. Whether that’s grid tracing or freehand make sure that you map down. Those value changes on your line drawing tip number six.

Step by step animal drawings

Your techniques materials and colours this is really important. Because it sorts of takes that element of uncertainty out of your drawing. So sometimes especially when I first started, I wouldn’t really map out what techniques. I was going to use I’d sort of flip between using a solvent and burnishing. You would use a mountain of colours stop the drawing. Put them all away and then when it came to draw again. I wouldn’t know what colours I had previously used.

Animal drawings step by step

So, it’s a good idea to really think about your drawing before. You actually go in and just start away drawing it. So, decide on what techniques you want to use whether you want to use like a solvent for blending. Whether you want to use a blender pen with your coloured pencils. Because that all makes a difference to this overall tone. The overall sort of finish of your piece then you need to think about your materials. So again, whether you’re going to use a solvent what kind of coloured pencils.

Cute easy animal drawings

You’re going to use whether and you’re going to use any other media with it. Whether you’re going to have a watercolour base or a mark base anything like. You just sort of need to stop and think about. Before you actually start applying colour to your paper so similarly with your colours. It’s a really good idea to sort of pick the tones and the sort of colours that you want to do. You might not want to work to a limited palette. Because that might be too limiting for you especially.

Cute animal drawings easy

If you are a beginner but you just want to pick the sort of overall tone. So, you want to identify in your reference photo. The main tones which are popping out. Perhaps you are drawing a squirrel. There are some red tones orange tones but there’s also maybe some purple tones in there. So, you just want to sort of map out the type of that. You’re actually going to need to use to create your piece. The next tip is to make sure you really look at the details on your reference photo.

Easy cute animal drawings

So, you want to make sure that you pick out any sort of distinguishing marks and anything that you feel really creates. If something that you’re drawing has really sort of re bright shiny eyes. They are the drawing point for your picture you want to make sure that you focus a lot of attention and detail on that point. Because that’s going to be where the eye is drawn. So, you want to make sure that you really study your reference material and just sort of think about.

Picture of animals to draw

Where you want the viewers eye to focus. So, I like people’s eyes to really focus on that eyes of the animal. Because I feel like it gives them a sense of the soul of the animal. So, I like to spend a lot of time and put a lot of detail into those areas. I feel like that is what kind of creates a more realistic piece is having those. Really characteristic details having those really delicate details added in. In certain points maybe not over the entire piece but especially in certain points. Where the eye is drawn to it’s really important to have those areas of detail.

Draw animals

The last tip I have for you guys is patience and this one might seem pretty obvious. But with coloured pencil work. It does take a long time and it does take a long time to sort of build your skill. As well so it’s really important that you have patience that you take your time with your piece. You work as slowly and as accurately as you possibly can and apply. The previous tips to your work so make sure you’ve got that reference photo. Make sure you’ve got a sharp pencil which is good for adding those details.

How to draw animals

Really good for adding those layers and just really analyse the fur direction or the feather direction. Those values just really take your time and really plan your piece. It’s going to really help you and it’s going to improve your level of realism. I hope that these tips have helped you and that you can apply them to your work. You can improve your realistic drawings. Perhaps you were struggling with one of these or perhaps you had a mistake with your realistic drawing. You didn’t quite know how to fix it to gain that level of realism. I really hope that these tips have helped you to just grow on your skills.



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