Does Foam Waste Beer? Solutions

Beer is considered to be one of those things that have the highest margin on the menu of any restaurant or bar. The art that goes into brewing the perfect pint of beer is complemented by the draft system from which the beer is poured from. People who are fond of drinking beer are quite specific about their draft of the beer.
These people are specific and concerned about how cold they want their beer to be. How much is enough or too much for them, and not only this but also the glass in which the beer is severed also plays an important role for them.
Getting a lot of beer out of the keg through your draft system is important to the bottom line and often the beer is wasted in this. Well, to avoid the wastage of beer due to the foam one can make use of the equipment called kegswitcher. You can get this from Kegswitcher and make use of it to avoid any kind of wastage.

Research depicts that approximately 5-15% of the beer is wasted from the foam. Let us analyze what is the reason for the formation of the foam because of which the beer is wasted. 

Temperature and pressure are the two variables to Foam in the beer. Managing the temperature of the beer can be a complicating task and might act as a problem for you. Carbon dioxide are released into the keg in excess if the temperature of the beer is too warm
And the reason behind this is the pressure, i.e the pressure is no longer enough to hold the carbonation, and thus foaming takes place or occurs. Looking at the other perspective, i.e. on the other hand if the beer is too cold then, the carbonation is held in the beer and is not released at all.
This results in over carbonation and over-filled glasses. Reducing the waste of foam is considered to an art in itself which means balancing between proper pressure and the right temperature. It is observed that approximately 25% of foam is beer, which means that 8 ounces of foam are quite equivalent to 2 ounces of liquid.
This clearly depicts that there is a lot of wastage of beer in the foam. There are ways by which this problem or issue can be sorted. You can make use of several options to optimize your system. And the most important factor which can help you to solve your issue is the temperature. So, you need to have control over the temperature in order to stop the wastage of the beer due to the foam. 

Before moving further below are the top reasons as to why temperature can fluctuate. Once you know the problem you will be able to manage the situation easily. The reasons include-

  1. One of the reasons could be poor or bad refrigeration.
  2. Another reason could be the delivery time of the keg.
  3. One of the aspect could also be the environment in which the beer is being served. 
  4. Another could be any sort of error either committed by you or by the member of your staff. This will fall under the category of human error. So to avoid any kind of error you will have to be cautious. So that no error is committed and there is no wastage of the beer. 

The recommended temperature for the crafted or the draft beer is 38-degree Fahrenheit. This temperature is considered ideal for maintaining an appropriate amount of carbonation, helping to make sure the right amount of foam. Now let us move on to how can one ensure a reasonable temperature and reduce the foaming? Let us have a look at how can all of it be done.

  1. Take the temperature of the beer

It is important that you examine the temperature of the beer. Just like it takes a lot to cool down the keg similarly, it takes a lot to warm up the keg. All that you will be required to do is place a thermometer inside the keg to observe.
And get an accurate reading of the temperature. It is recommended that you place a glass of liquid inside the cooler and check the temperature of the liquid several times. And over consecutive days so as to ensure that you are getting consistent cooling. 

Then make sure that you check the temperature of the liquid as it comes out of the faucet. And to check if you are losing cooling in your lines between the keg and the tap. This is the place where a lot of warming takes place. Installing a kegswitcher will help you in maintaining a balance between the temperature. 

Other solutions include keeping the equipment clean, working well under the pressure. And also evaluating your needs will help you to stop wastage.

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