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Do you Want to Know How to Develop Courier Delivery App like WeFast?

On Demand Courier Delivery App

Nowadays in Market have massive competition. Because of this reason, delivering quality and reliable services in a less amount of time has become vital. And because of this, every company is a pestilent rivalry everywhere, it does not matter the company is small or big. Every company wants to deliver Its products on time with the fastest delivery services. And this is possible at this time because of the advancement in technology.

At this time, most people are doing their shopping almost online as per their convenient time with an impressive discount. This has been possible only through digitalization. So what are you waiting for, if you want to grow your business then taking your business online and go through every aspect that impacts it.

And make sure to follow the overall guide and understand every phase carefully. For your app development, make sure to hire trustworthy and professional courier app developers, or you can choose another option, like on demand courier app development company.

What is Courier Delivery Clone App?

With On Demand Courier Delivery App, you can provide reliable and quick courier services to your customers residing in any geographical location all over the world. The app can manage all updates with timestamps.

How to Develop On Demand Courier Delivery App?

It does not matter which business model you choose to develop your app, because it’s never going to be easy to build your courier delivery app. Here, I explained some steps which will help you to make proper decisions.

=> Select a suitable business model:

The first step chooses the right business model. Business models are retailer shipping app, postal service app, or parcel delivery app. To make the right choice, you should consider many factors like business specification, business goal, availability of resources, traffic, and others.

=> Decide your business goals and requirements:

You need to decide your business goals and understand the specifics requirements of your business model. You also need to consider various factors such as your delivery service. Here I listed some question and you need to find the answer:

Your app will provide their services in one city, a whole country, or worldwide?
What will be the delivery services that you will offer to your customers?
What will be the average parcel size, weight of the parcel, and packaging type that you will prefer?

=> Identify the correct features:

After the theoretical aspects, you can start your work in the practical implementation of your concept. Identify the correct features of your app and start the development process.

Parcel Delivery App

On Demand Courier Delivery App Features:

The courier app has included the 3 panels which are Customer App, Delivery Boy App, and Admin Panel. Here I listed the features of all panels:

=> Customer App Features:

  1. SignUp/Login
  2. Pick/Destination
  3. Digital Payment
  4. Notifications
  5. Change Address
  6. Real-Time Tracking

Del=> Delivery Boy App Features:

  1. Profile Creation
  2. Document Submission
  3. Earning Details
  4. Navigation
  5. Route-optimization
  6. History

=> Admin Panel Features:

  1. Manage Order
  2. Manage Delivery
  3. Delivery Service Radius
  4. Manage Driver Details
  5. Vehicle Management
  6. Add City

Additional features of the WeFast App:

  • Multiple payment gateways options are available in WeFast
  •  App is user-friendly
  • App admin can manage online activity and booking records
  • Offers coupons or discount offer codes
  • Provide real-time-tracking feature
  • Offer 24×7 GPS Tracking
  • Easy app navigation
  • Appropriate filters
  • Customer’s time-stamped or digital signatures

How Does Courier App Work?

The courier delivery app has amazing features like order entry, document verification, parcel tracking, digital signature, and many more. Let’s take a view that how the courier delivery app works:

  1. SignUp/Login: Customers can do the signup and login process via their email, phone number, or social media channels.
  2. Get Request: Admin can get the request from the customer to deliver the parcel.
  3. Accept the request: This step enables one of the delivery agents to accept for further process.
  4. Pick up parcel/courier: The delivery boy picks up the courier or parcel from the correct address mentioned by your customers.
  5. Track Courier/Parcel: Your app users can track their parcel or courier in real-time.
  6. Payment Gateways: It enables your customers to pay through conventional online methods.
  7. Get Delivery Detail: And at the end, you can get the delivery evidence from the customers in the form of OTP or a digital method.
  8. Reviews and ratings: Customers can give ratings, reviews, or feedback for courier services.

Why your business needs Courier App?

The courier app is more beneficial for your courier delivery business. With the own business app, you are able to deliver goods and services in the largest market arenas. At this time most people prefer buying most things online, and which people have a good percentage of salaries they mostly depend upon online shopping, getting into this business is worth it in today’s time. Some benefits, I listed below:

  • Courier mobile app removes the requirement of hiring any in-house couriers.
  • It provides an easy tracking system to customers where they can check the current status of their courier.
  • App provides flexible options, from this the operational cost is reduced to a huge extent.


In today’s technological era, most people are preferred to take an online service. From those services, courier delivery applications are one of them. I hope this blog gives a complete guide to develop a courier delivery app like WeFast. For more informative content keep reading this space.

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