Do You Need Empty Pods For Juul?

Do You Need Empty Pods For Juul?

While the Juul vaporizer was one of the most popular options for years, these little vaporizers took a big hit when the sale of flavored vape pods was banned in the United States. Now Juul users are limited to a choice between natural tobacco and menthol flavored pods. Anyone who does not want either of these choices is left with the option to find a new vaporizer or some other alternative. One of the best ways to enjoy the convenience of Juul without sacrificing on flavor is to buy empty pods for Juul vapes.

Empty pods make it easy to vape any flavor of e-liquid using your Juul battery. If you used to love the taste of Juul’s mango or mint flavored pods, filling your own pods at home makes those flavored pods easy to reproduce. All you need are empty pods for Juul, a Juul compatible battery, and your preferred flavor of nicotine salt vape juice.

Using nicotine salt vape juice is essential when filling your own pods. The average freebase nicotine vape juice that is used in traditional box mod and atomizer vaporizers have a relatively low concentration of nicotine. This means that the small clouds of vapor that the Juul system produces will contain very little nicotine, leaving users unsatisfied. At high concentrations, freebase nicotine becomes extremely harsh, making the vaping process difficult. In its salt form, nicotine is much smoother at higher concentrations, making it ideal for providing a satisfying amount of nicotine in every small puff off of your pod.

One of the most popular empty pods for Juul is the Blankz Pod. Blankz began producing their pods even before the ban on the sale of flavored pods went into effect. The original reason for producing these pods was to offer Juul users a more affordable alternative to purchasing pre-filled pods. Now that the flavor ban has taken effect, pods like theirs are the only way for Juul users to continue enjoying their favorite pod flavors.

Blankz pods are simple to use and can be refilled up to three times per pod. The refilling process takes only a few moments and involves removing the mouthpiece in order to expose two small fill hole covers. Each Blankz pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, roughly 40% more than a Juul brand pod. Once you have filled the pod, all you have to do is replace a small fil hole cover and then snap the mouthpiece back into place. Once this process is complete, you can use your Blankz pods just like you would any other pod that is compatible with Juul batteries.

Because these pods can be refilled, they offer an incredible value. A single Blankz pod can be refilled three times with 1ml of e-liquid before you will have to dispose of and replace it. This means that every pod can vape 3ml of e-liquid. A Juul brand pod holds 0.7ml, meaning an entire four pack holds 2.8ml of e-liquid. That means that a single Blankz refillable Juul compatible pod can offer the same value as an entire pack of Juul pods.  Factoring in the cost of e-liquids, users should expect to save over 70% when they make the switch to these pods.

To find more information and to order your own empty pods for Juul, you can visit the Blankz online store at Their site contains pods, a wide variety of nic salt e-liquid options, and a selection of Juul pod compatible batteries so you can perfect your refillable pod system.

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