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Do You Need A Refillable Juul Alternative?

Do You Need A Refillable Juul Alternative?

Ever since the ban on flavored pre-filled vape pods went into effect, Juul users have been left with only three flavor options on store shelves. For Juul fans who don’t want to vape tobacco, Virginia tobacco, or menthol flavored pods, the Juul is no longer the best choice. Many of these vapers have turned to disposable devices and refillable Juul alternatives in place of their favorite flavored Juul pods.

One of the most popular alternatives to flavored Juul pods has been disposable vaporizers. These devices tend to be roughly the same size as a Juul vaporizer with the pod attached. Their internal design is also remarkably similar to a Juul vaporizer. Most of these vapes use the same draw activated circuitry and nicotine salt e-liquids as a Juul, but with a few key differences. The batteries inside of disposables are not rechargeable and the “pod” is built in, making it impossible to refill one of these vapes. This also makes them extremely convenient, all you have to do is open up the box and start vaping until the vape runs out of juice. Once the vape is empty, you just throw it away and start with a fresh vaporizer.

In addition to disposable devices, refillable Juul alternatives have become popular. Refillable pod systems started to emerge on the vape scene not long after the Juul. The Juul’s use of nicotine salt e-liquids opened a new avenue for vape manufacturers. Small devices with the ability to deliver a satisfying hit of nicotine in a small puff of vapor have become as popular as conventional box mod and atomizer style vapes. The popularity of these refillable devices has also led to many e-liquid brands producing their own lines of nic salt vape juice options specifically for pod vapers.

One of the issues with many pod systems is the fact that they tend to be larger than a standard Juul device. For users who want the same experience as vaping with their Juul, brands like Blankz Pods have Juul compatible pods for sale. These pods are sold empty and can be filled with any flavor e-liquid that the user desires. Each pod takes only seconds to fill with a full milliliter of nicotine salt e-liquid, roughly 40% more than a 0.7ml Juul brand pod. This means that Juul fans can continue using their devices with these pods that will provide a similar vaping experience while lasting longer.

When you make the switch to Blankz Pods, you can save significantly off the cost of using Juul brand pods. Each Blankz pod can be filled up to three times, meaning a single pod can vape 3ml of e-liquid. A four pack of Juul pods holds a total of 2.8ml, meaning that a single Blankz Pod can vape even more than an entire pack of Juul brand pods. A single Blankz Pod currently costs about $3.20. Even when factoring in the cost of e-liquids, Juul users should expect a savings of up to 70% off the cost of vaping Juul brand pods.

So if you are looking for the best refillable Juul alternative, all you need to do is find your old Juul battery and pick up a pack of Blankz Pods. In addition to their amazing pods, you can also find everything else to make your refillable pod system the perfect vape device for you. This includes e-liquids and batteries with more capacity and features than a standard Juul. Check out their online store at to see their full inventory of pod vaping products.

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