Do You Have to Pay Off Mortgage Before Selling Your Home?

Is selling your home driving you crazy? Do you want to push a button that will end the process quickly? As appealing as this idea seems, selling a house with a mortgage requires research and serious consideration.

Sales of existing homes have risen in the U.S by almost one and a half percent in 2021. While circumstances can vary from person to person, anyone selling a mortgaged home haphazardly is setting themselves up for disaster.

If you’re asking the question, “Can you sell your house if you have a mortgage?” Then, don’t look away. This article is sure to answer your questions.

So Can You Sell Your House if You Have a Mortgage?

The shorter answer is yes, but you should know that this can be a stressful process.

It isn’t unusual for a home to be put on listing while there’s still an amount of the mortgage to be paid off. After all, with debt on houses surpassing $10 trillion dollars, it makes sense that the average person would sell before their term is up.

The downside of selling with an unpaid mortgage is the profit risks. Mortgage lenders aren’t keen on forgiving debts and may complicate an already difficult process.

Want to sell your house fast? Well, the good news is that you can have plenty of help along the way.

What Happens in the Ideal Scenario?

In the best-case scenario, the money that you’d make off the sale of your home would cover your mortgage debt. If you don’t end up short selling, then your home’s selling price will cover your mortgage.

That doesn’t mean the process is over, though. You’ll still have to cover the costs of any taxes and loans that remain.

What happens if You Sell With Negative Equity?

A lot of people dream about selling a house with no mortgage, but this doesn’t always happen. Selling when your debt is greater than your home or when your house is “underwater” can be especially challenging.

In this case, your mortgage advisor will most likely advise you to consider a short sell. Should you say yes, the lender might agree to forego the loan at the price of controlling the sale of your home.

This should only be done in extreme circumstances where quit money is a necessity. Otherwise, you are risking a significant hit on the profit you could have made off of your home.

Rushing to Sell Can Hurt You Down the Line

While selling a house with a mortgage is possible, it may not be the best choice depending on your finances.

If you are prepared and communicate with your mortgage lenders, selling a mortgaged home can put you in a good place to buy a new home. If you don’t have a solid grip on your finances, selling a house before the mortgage term is up can be disastrous for your savings.

If you find yourself asking questions like “Can you sell your house if you have a mortgage,” then it’ll help to check out our other guides!

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