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Do Bamboo Pillows Have Health Benefits?

Bamboo pillow is everywhere these days. Fibers from the fast-growing plant which is technically a grass, not a tree — are turning up in clothing, bedding, building materials, and other goods, including pillows.

Why buy a bamboo pillow? Some online sources claim that fabrics and pillows made from bamboo are naturally soft, durable, and breathable.They also claim that bamboo is hypoallergenic. That means it’s less likely than other materials to cause an allergic reaction.

This isn’t much solid research on the health benefits of bamboo pillows. But there is evidence that bamboo fibers the ones used in bamboo pillows have many of the qualities talked about online.

What exactly is a bamboo pillow? It’s partly made with bamboo fibers, which come from a crushed up, treated, and hardened mixture of bamboo leaves and trunk flesh. The bamboo portion of the pillow is in the casing, not the stuffing.

Luxury and Comfort

With The best Bamboo Pillow, resort-like living is possible right in your own home. We bring you high-quality bamboo pillows in addition to other bamboo products. All of them come with a luxurious feel and texture.


Find relief from allergies and eczema with our ethically- and organically-sourced, toxic- and chemical-free bamboo products. They’re manufactured using sustainable means to make them perfect, even if you have sensitive skin.


Bamboo pillow is one of the most sustainable materials. It doesn’t need extra water to cultivate and can grow up to four feet in 24 hours. Thus, there’s plenty for everyone, even for pandas.

There’s a lot of false claims on the internet about bamboo pillows. Misleading claims and shady marketing techniques indicate that bamboo pillows are eco-friendly and a cure-all solution to a good night’s sleep—neither of which are entirely true.

For some people, getting a good night’s rest can be a challenge. Expensive sleep product investments often don’t solve the many problems surrounding personal comfort, and people can spend plenty in their search for an uninterrupted night. Mattresses may be the first step in accommodating your proper sleep posture, but if you aren’t choosing the correct pillow, then you still may not be keeping your body properly supported.

Organic Bamboo pillows, called as such due to the bamboo fibers used to help create the material weave found in the casing, are generally filled with a shredded memory foam. The benefits of a bamboo pillow allow for personalized adjustment to match both your body needs and personal preferences for a better night’s sleep.

The most important thing to consider surrounding your sleep health is your spinal alignment not only at night but during the day. Your spine is the bridge of your nervous system: the path by which all body function is routed. Your sleep position determines the support your spine needs to stay in a natural, neutral position through the night to accommodate healthy body function. Bamboo pillows are created to help support varying positions for a good night’s rest and overall health benefits.

Bamboo Fiber and Its Associated Benefits

What makes a bamboo pillow so popular is a combination of a thick plush casing with variances in its fill that creates a luxurious sleeping surface for your head. Bamboo fiber is derived from the pulp of bamboo which is then processed and made into a viscous-like substance that can be woven into the material. Typically bamboo fibers are combined with other natural or synthetic threads to create a uniquely soft pillow casing. Bamboo is naturally sustainable and is fast growing to ensure readily available crops for production. Of course, the bamboo must be processed prior to its use as a material, but the entire process is more economical than many other synthetic material creations.

A Truly Natural & Organic Pillow

A healthful organic pillow should not contain materials that are made using toxic chemical ingredients or polluting processes. It should contain natural materials with verifiable third-party certifications that ensure their safety for human health and eco-friendly production.

Bamboo Pillow is a perfect pillow you customize for a great sleep experience. Made with sustainable bamboo fiber, our pillows are breathable, with an always soft and luxurious feel, while providing breathability and proper ergonomic sleep alignment. Wake up refreshed and with no achy neck pains!

Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, this just might be the best Bamboo Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow you will ever sleep on.

One thing that might dissuade someone from trying this type of pillow is the higher price points. And with more companies manufacturing bamboo pillows, it can be difficult to know which brands have the best quality and value.

To help you on your journey to better sleep, we’ve put together this guide of the most popular brands of bamboo pillows. In this article, we’ll review the top bestsellers and share our findings. If you do decide to try one, you’ll be armed with the research for your best night of sleep.

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