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Digital Healthcare Marketing: Practices

It the favorable for developing new digital healthcare marketing strategies. Accelerated by the health crisis, the digitization of health services is now inevitable. At the heart of innovation, digital concerns all areas of activity and players in the medical sector. They must therefore be able to deploy their strategy successfully in this next world. So, let’s discover the practices that will be successful in the coming months.

1- Digital events: the alternative to staying close to your community

Online events are always a great way to reach your customers. W webinars, congresses, or digital fairs are a good alternative to physical events, still impacted by the health context. They are of interest to both existing customers and potential new prospects.

Beyond attracting attention and creating content, the interest of health actors is to retrieve information about participants.

Indeed, to register for an online event, users fill in certain information about themselves. This data can then be used in a digital healthcare marketing strategy.

The other advantage is that it allows the company to be closer to these customers or its community. A live event like a webinar may not be directly profitable, but it will bring credibility in the long run.

2- The podcast: a simple and effective way to reach your audience

Unsurprisingly, the audio channel will be a key format in 2022, especially in podcast form. In particular, we are seeing the rise of podcasts aimed at patients and healthcare professionals. The themes are varied and range from information for patients to sharing knowledge with other professionals.

With a more human character, this format establishes a climate of trust. The emotion perceived in the voice reassures the customers, the listeners. In addition, the audio message generates commitment by offering new content formats: interviews, testimonials, congress reports, etc. It also allows you to assert your position as an expert in a specific health field.

3- The Meta verse: an announced revolution in health?

According to the definition given by Future-science, the “meta verses” are:

“Universes parallel to ours in which we will evolve and interact as in real life”

Described as “the future of the internet,” the meta verse could pave the way for new possibilities in health and improved care pathways. This term will be at the center of discussions over the coming months. Indeed, experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality will continue to multiply.

These technologies are already part of the health field, whether at the level of medical practices or on the marketing side. Virtual reality is, for example, very useful for explaining innovations in their context. In addition, immersive reality technologies are very good sales support tools!

4- Social Media: essential in digital healthcare marketing

The majority of health actors are present today on social networks. For the coming year, they need to keep their presence and develop their community. There are also new platforms to invest in. We are thinking, for example, of the first application other than Facebook to win 3 billion downloads.

With its particular content, a medium will require a particular effort from health actors who will have to master the codes of the platform.

2022 will also be the scene of a more mature advertising platform with greater opportunities for social ads. In the context of health, this network is, for example, very interesting for prevention or an influence marketing strategy.

Shorter content for better consumption

We can highlight the democratization of short videos. This format is becoming one of the foundations of healthcare companies’ content marketing strategies.

Short videos make it easier to convey a message by quickly capturing the viewer’s attention. As a result, the engagement rate (comments, likes, shares) for this type of content is high. Therefore, it is also imperative to think about creating easily consumable content on mobile.

5 – A practice that is still popular: healthcare influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not new and is now coming of age. On the other hand, it is still developing in the medical environment. Healthcare players are increasingly using this type of marketing. It is especially useful for relaying messages and amplifying their reach through virtual content.

Health influence marketing makes it possible to reach patients, customers, and decision-makers looking for more interesting and expressive exchanges. It also offers the possibility of communicating differently while respecting the very strict ethics of the profession.

6- Collaborative creativity: at the service of innovation in digital healthcare marketing

For a medical innovation to revolutionize the healthcare environment, a way must be found to give rise to ideas with great potential. Often, the creative process involves only a few collaborators and third parties to leave room for management ideas. The organization’s potential for creativity is then not at its peak.

For the process to be effective, it is necessary to broaden the scope of contributions to the entire organization. All employees, partners, and even customers are important. Collaborative creativity will dramatically multiply the capacity for innovation. First, however, it is necessary to ensure good cooperation between the different actors, so that collective creativity leads to the success of a project.

7- A more relevant use of data in digital healthcare marketing

Data is now ubiquitous among healthcare players to drive their marketing strategy. In 2022, healthcare marketers are forced to turn to tools that make it easier to collect and process data. Thanks to this, they will be able to manage all of their actions effectively ns.

For a successful digital healthcare marketing agency, it is imperative to use customer data in a relevant way. It is, therefore, essential to use tools that simplify the processing of complex data and allow real-time management of marketing actions.

8- Artificial intelligence at the service of digital healthcare marketing

Competent customer service is one of the factors that facilitate the buying process. Artificial intelligence today enriches human actions with the idea of ​​satisfying the needs of its customers at the right time. In this logic, chatbots and voice bots are being developed, making it possible to engage in conversation independently. Artificial intelligence is beginning to be applied to these tools in the service of customers.

AI is also progressing in the automation of tasks and marketing campaigns. The ability to analyze more data also helps predict customer behavior. This is very useful for offering the exact product or service they need at the right time. This type of targeting will also lead to high conversion rates. It will also create in customers the feeling that you understand them.

9- The health e-commerce boom

E-commerce is still growing, especially in the field of health. We can already see the development of the sale of medicines thanks to online pharmacies. In France, they must be an extension of a “physical” dispensary. This implies having the same pharmacists, the same stocks, and medicines.

The advantage is that an online pharmacy meets the needs of many customers. They can therefore request quality information at any time. This also allows them to purchase certain drugs or other products directly. Therefore, health e-commerce is mainly used to complement a pharmacy’s role and meet customer needs.

10- The end of cookies and the revolution of social ads

Google recently announced the end of cookies. However, since the GDPR, search engines want to improve their privacy policy to improve the user experience.

This announcement sounds like a wake-up call, especially in digital healthcare marketing. This is sure to affect the strategies companies put in place to reach their target audience. Some are already looking for other ways to track users on the internet.

Thus, new perspectives will emerge for social ad campaigns. They are already very interesting for communicating with your audience and generating leads. However, healthcare players will have to find a new balance in a world with less tracking and less performance measurement.

11- Storytelling: more frequent use of this type of content

The consumption of content by Internet users is still increasing, and consumer expectations have also evolved. In particular, we have noticed significant video format and personalized content success.

Rather than focusing on a content marketing strategy, why not think about storytelling? Certainly, this will not directly sell or explain a product’s or service’s benefits.

However, storytelling is a new form of marketing for healthcare players. Stories and customer testimonials will show people how your business can help solve a particular problem.

12- Extra advice: work on loyalty through the customer experience

Today, customer relationship has been considerably digitized. In addition, the rise of new health technologies has made it possible to establish better communication between companies and their customers. This is done on different channels and paves the way for a better customer experience.

The cost of acquiring a customer is high, and sometimes it is more useful to focus on retaining existing customers. There are also different pillars on which to work on your loyalty.

In 2022, think about customer relations and invite them, for example, to give their opinion on your company. You can do this through personalized emails or opt for more specific channels.

Digital Health also supports you in strategic and operational marketing advice and, in particular, in implementing a digital healthcare marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss together on this subject or any other theme concerning marketing and health.

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