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In today’s life education has shared the ambit of basic necessities. We have to study for extensive years in our lives. Educational Institutions are not equal in their quality of services. Some of them are famous for their best educational services. Schools, High Schools, and universities with distinction are few in numbers and not each part of the country contains these higher education facilities that is why students have to move to these distinct places where they get an education in their desired institutions. Obviously they have to live somewhere if their homes are not near. Every student cannot afford solo apartment in flat or house, so the only option remains is hostel room. Sometimes it may be of single-occupancy but most of the student has to share it with one or more other students. There starts a hostel life, with a lot of fun, personality building and a lot of challenges. General problems which every student living in hostel faces are these.

Shared Rooms and Dormitories

Students have to share a room or dormitories with other students. There come issues of bedding. Reading table chairs and cupboards are other problems. When there is floor bedding each room contains carpets. Carpets turn into the best friends of each student for it gives them space of bedding which they can use as their study place also.

Shared Washrooms and Toilets

There are few toilets and washrooms a large number of students have to share. Only a few hostels come with attaché bathrooms cum toilets otherwise there is a row of toilets and bathrooms at the end of the corridor which makes each student irritated.

Sub Standard Food Quality

Students usually do not know how to cook and certainly, there is no permission for self-cooking in most of the hostels. Cook prepares the same food for a large number of students and usually do not care much about the high standard of food. They even don’t clean the kitchen carpet more often.

Hygienic Issues

Shared rooms, shared bathrooms, toilets along huge kitchen and dining hall need 3 times cleaning per day but alas it does not happen on needed intervals and they often remain dirty. Roommates often squabble about the cleaning room and maintaining it clean.

Laundry Issues

Hostels usually do not offer laundry services. Washing of clothes and Rug Cleaning are real difficulties students face, it is so maybe due to cleaning space, detergents, time or simply allergy issues.

To Many Restrictions

Students residing in hostels usually have limited permission to change their room settings and carpet, do some recreational activities and go out for shop or remain out for long hours.

These are universal problems of students living in hostels. They come from different backgrounds and they share the same problems with each other in every corner of the World. Hostel owners and heads shall consider these difficulties and take proper steps to lessen them or regularize them. No doubt these are difficulties but they give students precious memories as well. Happy Hostel life!

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