Differentiation Among Bakery Flour Suppliers

Differentiation Among Bakery Flour Suppliers

To you, bakery flour might be bakery flour; you might define the quality of your finished baked goods by what comes out of the oven at the end of the process. Brooking a fair amount of concern for the flour that you use might be as far as you go. After all, the skill comes from the baker, and you are taking raw materials and turning them into wonderful marvels of culinary art. Bluntly, it might very well not matter to you where you get your flour, so long as you meet certain metrics of price and quality.

That much is fair, and a lot of quality and consistency can be determined by the flour you buy. If you need clear flour, you go with clear flour, and if you need semolina flour, you go with semolina flour. Find a good price, and if you are brand loyal, stick with a brand, and you’ll be good to go. Whether you want some all-purpose flour, organic flour, pastry flour, or any type of bulk flour, all you have to do is find it to get ready to roll.

But what if we said there was more to some bakery flour suppliers than just a price and a brand? What if we said there were some bakery flour suppliers out there who did more than just offer excellent prices?

You might be skeptical, which, at least, would be fair, but with a little bit of explanation you’ll come to the conclusion that you can find more in a supplier of bakery goods than a few numbers that you need to crunch.

If you have ever shopped at Stover & Company, this much will already be apparent to you, and if not, you simply need a little introduction. To get the easy arguments out of the way, it is true that Stover & Company provides flour at excellent prices. They provide more than just flour at excellent prices; they provide everything you could need for baking or confectionery at great prices. Their collection is vast, incorporating flours, conditioners, butters and shortening, icing, frosting and other decorations, chocolate, and much more.

With Stover & Company, you can take advantage of the convenience of shopping all in one place for all of the raw materials you need, and you will find that their collection comes, unequivocally, at excellent prices. What you will also find is that their customer service utterly distinguishes them from the rest of the competition, which is facelessly defined by price.

On that note, you can call up the team at Stover & Company and get a real human being on the end of the line; a real human being that has years of experience not only in service but in providing raw materials for baking and confectionery. They treat every customer with the personality they deserve, and they will work with you on pricing, every time. They also have many years of experience in the industry that they may very well be able to leverage to your benefit. Culinary art is about trial, error, practice, and experimentation. Before you pull the trigger on the same wheat flour you’ve always bought, pick their minds on the matter. You might just learn something valuable. Check out their website,, or give them a call at 724-274-6314 and you will see firsthand what quality service is.

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