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Different Ways To Improve Your Partner Visa 309

Partner Visa 309

Are you wishing to bring your partner to Australia?  Stuck and don’t know where and how to begin? Then this article will guide you and help you out in your partner visa process.

To apply for your partner in Australia and live with your partner is an easy process now. An applicant must apply for their visa application with all the evidence ready for verification. The procedure and chances of getting the Partner Visa approved are a bit time-consuming but not so difficult. Furthermore, getting an Australian 309 visa is costly which starts from AUD7,715.

Now if an applicant applies for their partner visa 309 without proper information, then the applicant may face the delay in their visa process. This all because it eventually leads to a delay in requesting the remaining documents or evidence to be verified. This may lead to a chance to get your visa application rejected.

It usually takes 07 to 08 months for immigration team to provide you with the final decision on the file. contrariwise,  if someone wants to get their partner visa 309 approved in less than 07 months then accurate information and all required documents must be added to the application.

To get your partner visa subclass 309 one must follow the basic requirement which leads an applicant toward the next step. Some are,

1.  The age of an applicant must be aged 18 years or older.
2.  Also the age of an applicant’s sponsor must be aged 18 or older.
3. The applicant must be sponsored by your Australian partner.
4. If an applicant partner is aged under 18 then they must be sponsored by their parent or guardian.
5. The applicant sponsor must meet a good character requirement.
6. The applicant must meet health and character requirements.
7. The applicant and their partner marriage must be legally valid under Australia law.
8. The applicant relationship should be genuine and continuing.
9. The applicant and their partner should not belong to the same family.
10. Those who are in the de-facto relationship with their partner, they need to demonstrate that it has been in existence for a minimum period of 12 months at the time of application lodgement.

After the visa grant, an applicant has some benefits which let them stay in Australia on eases. These are,

1. The applicant gets permitted to enter or remain in Australia with their partner until a decision is made regarding their permanent Visa.
2. The applicant becomes qualified to work in Australia with this visa application.
3. The applicant also can study in Australia, but they will not have access to government funding for tertiary study.
4. The applicant can enrol for Australian medical facility in which expenses and hospital care scheme are included.

To get your partner visa subclass 309 without difficulty one must apply with the help of Registered Migration Agent Perth, who will ensure an applicant for their visa and stay with them until you get your visa grant.

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