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Diamond Wedding Bands: Cut, Clarity, And What’s More Important?

Now when you purchase your diamond wedding band, it will be as beautiful & valuable as desired! You must check certain aspects while purchasing.

Diamond wedding bands involve a significant investment because it is precious and is one of the rarest gifts of nature. Every piece of diamond is unique, and the price depends on certain factors. To get that prized diamond wedding ring, you need to know the essential characteristics that make it a perfect one. The most important features of a diamond are cut color, clarity, and carat weight. These features are popularly known as the 4Cs of diamonds. Apart from the 4Cs, the additional criteria you must look for are the shape, certification, and anatomy.

White Gold Straight Band

The Following Are Certain Aspects That You Must Check While Purchasing Your Diamond Wedding Band-

  1. Cut

The appearance of a diamond depends mostly on the cut. It is because of the cut that gives diamonds its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. It makes a diamond flash and sparkle and lends a distinctive look. Out of the 4Cs, the cut is the most demanding criteria to evaluate. Diamonds with high cut grades have a maximum level of symmetry. Ideally, the diamond girdle should be slender to slightly broad, and the culet should be small or nonexistent. As per the GIA scale, diamond wedding bands rated somewhere between Excellent and Good are considered superior and have plenty of light reflection, while a score of 4 on the AGS scale is an ideal one. Round-shaped diamonds are having a cut grade of Very Good or Excellent also offer superior brilliance.

14k White Gold Eternity Wedding Band

  1. Clarity

Out of the 4 Cs, clarity is the second most important feature of a diamond as its visual quality and durability depend on it. Diamonds that are low in clarity may have fissures and blemishes. Such flaws may lead to the rock’s chipping and cracking, which have an impact on the clarity of the outer surface. When you buy bridal set rings, it is advisable to go for something between Flawless and S12 on a GIA scale. As per the AGS clarity grade scale, it is best to stick to something between 0 and 5. However, it is true that sometimes minor imperfections look like unique fingerprints and is proof that the diamond is natural.

Diamond Wedding Bands

  1. Color

Diamonds’ beauty and value depend on its color to a great extent, and it is another important consideration while making a diamond purchase. White colorless diamonds have plenty of shine when set in white metals like white gold, platinum, and palladium. Almost all natural diamonds have a light yellowish or brownish tint, and rocks with no color tint are rare. However, the color tint can get minimized. If you don’t want any color tint to be visible on your diamond, go for GIA color grade between D and I and a color grade of 0 to 3.49 on the AGS scale.

Diamond Wedding Rings

  1. Carat

Carat refers to the diamond’s weight. It gets measured in milligrams, where 200 milligrams equal to one carat. Large-sized diamonds are rare compared to smaller ones. Though the price of a ring depends on its size, it is also true that the cut clarity color determines the value of the diamond. The cost of a diamond with excellent cut clarity color is higher than a diamond with a more substantial carat weight but low cut clarity and color. So when you shop for eternity rings emphasize diamond-cut clarity and color for plenty of fire and flash rather than a carat.

White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

  1. Shape

Shape refers to the outline of a diamond that contributes to its overall look. Round-shaped diamonds are famous because of their brilliance and sparkle. It can easily complement various settings and make a different hand, and finger shapes look flattering.

Gold Wedding Rings for Men

  1. Certification

One of the best ways to get a good quality diamond is to choose independently certified diamonds since it comes with accurate grades. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is considered as one of the most respected diamond testing labs in the industry. Besides, the AGS Laboratories offer science-based accurate and consistent diamond grading reports. It is essential to check for these certifications while selecting Mens wedding bands.

Gold Wedding Bands for Men

  1. Anatomy

Although all diamonds have some uniqueness of their own, they share specific structural attributes. These attributes contribute to the beauty and value of the diamond as a whole. There are eight parts in a diamond, namely, diameter, crown, table, depth, spread, girdle, culet, and pavilion. Having a basic understanding of anatomy will enable you to understand the diamond’s intricacies and make the right decision.

Now when you purchase your diamond wedding band, it will be as beautiful and valuable as desired!

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