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Depression and sex drive : Link , Symptoms And Treatment

Depression and sex drive are one of the major causes of low desire for intimacy in males. Depression often hampers the intimate life of males and females both irrespective of their age and health.

Depressed mind losses interest in all pleasurable things of life. Depression adversely affects the election process. Depression makes a man lose sex drive and also at the same time makes it difficult for a male to get an erection for an intimate session with the partner.  That is why a depressed mind finds it hard to get benefits from sildenafil 200mg, which doctors prescribe for moderate to higher erection difficulties. A depressed man is suggested counseling sessions to boost his sex drive. Depression affects the quality of intimacy in both males and females. Let us study the relationship between depression and sex drive and its treatment options.

Depression curbs the erection process

The reason is that the erection process starts in the mind. An intimate thought comes into the mind which triggers the neurotransmitters. The brain sends neurotransmitters to the central nervous system. The activation of the central nervous system releases nitric oxide which stimulates the cGMP molecule.  Molecules relax blood vessels to facilitate the greater flow of blood towards the male organ.  The blood in the male organ gives an erection which helps a man to complete the intimate session.

When a man is in depression there is no interest in the intimate things of life. Intimate things are things of leisure and a depressed mind avoids anything that is associated with pleasure. One of the symptoms of depression is a lack of interest in things or jobs, which once provided joy.

Depression and its symptoms


depression and sex drive

Depression is a major depressive disorder. A depressed person often finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Even small tasks like washing face and taking a shower become hard to do. Some common signs of depression are low energy throughout the day, loss of interest and enjoyment, Reduced self-confidence, low mood, low energy, disturbed sleep and appetite, and weight loss or gain without healthy eating.

Depression is one of the main reasons for affecting personal life and health. The next is intimacy and sex life. The adverse impact on sex drive will last till the depression lasts. Treatment of depression cures depression-induced low sex drive. 

Depression and sex drive in males

Depression is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in males. A male with depression will find it difficult to get and sustain an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which males are not able to get an erection, even when they are aroused. It is basically due to insufficient blood flow in the male organ. The impact on erection will be adverse irrespective of the source of depression and cause of depression.

Depression-induced erectile dysfunction is cured with the treatment of depression only. Erectile dysfunction medicines doctors suggest for erection cannot overcome erection weakness due to depression. This is due to the fact that the mind is not involved in the erection process. The lack of interest in intimacy takes the mind away from intimate thought. Without intimate thought, there can be no erection process.

Erection weakness can also lead to depression in males. The feeling that a man is unable to fulfill the needs of his partner can be devastating. It can lead to depression.

Depression and sex drive in women

Researchers mention that hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women overlaps with depression. Depression is also a strong factor in the intimacy of a woman. There are chances that depression is behind the low desire for intimacy in women.  A study by the Journal of clinical psychiatry found that 40 percent of ladies with a low desire for intimacy also have depression signs. 

It does not mean that hypoactive sexual desire disorder often is due to depression. The reverse can be true as well. Low sexual desire and lack of intimacy lead to depression. This is why the Female Viagra 100mg ( LOVEGRA ) prescribed to females to treat low desire for intimacy work on the brain. The dose helps a woman to deal with a low desire for an increased desire for intimacy. A woman on female Viagra finds herself more sensitive and responsive to the male touch. She also gets enough lubricated to enjoy the intimacy with the male partner.

Risk factors leading to depression

Major changes in life are some of the reasons for depression in both males and females. These changes can be negative, positive, or neutral. Some feel depressed due to job change, personal or business issues, or prolonged medical conditions. Uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, or relationship issue can lead to depression.

Drug abuse, excess smoking, or drinking, which a male or female takes to avoid depression, eventually lead to low drive and depression.

Treatment of depression is talk therapy


depression and sex drive


There are antidepressant drugs that doctors prescribe in case of a severe case of depression. Generally, talk therapy is considered the best option to deal with depression cases. Talk therapy involves one on one meeting with the psychologist in a soothing ambiance in a clinic. Talk therapy helps a male or a female to discuss everything that troubles the mind. They are encouraged by the professional to come up with all inner thoughts and feelings. The professional then one by one helps them to deal with negative thoughts.

Cognitive behavior therapy is the core of talk therapy

Cognitive therapy changes the response of the person towards the same incidence and thought which early causes negative feelings and depressive moods. The person learns to see the other positive side of the same negative side.  The same conditions will never cause depression to the person after cognitive behavior therapy.

Depression induced low drive is cured instantly

In both males and females the depression-induced low sex drive is cured instantly. There will positively impact intimacy. The male and female as well will find their mind is seeking intimacy, which early was lost due to depression.

Partners are encouraged to open communication

Married males and females with depression and low sex drive are encouraged to open communication with each other. It helps them to know that their feelings are respected and they care. Medical experts encourage couples to keep communication open. It prevents misunderstanding and the creeping lack of trust.

Take steps to generate interest in intimacy

Joint massage therapy, using essential oils to create a soothing ambiance at home, and taking a vacation to some interesting place are some ways to spice up things in life again. After talk therapy, when depressive thoughts are no longer curbing desire, Doctors prescribed to Buy Cialis 60 mg generic. The depression-free mind and confidence of a longer bedtime will add to the intimate session. A woman can also use female Viagra to curb low desire.


It is normal to feel depressed about so many things in life. Depression often leads to low sex drive among both males and females. But, depression for a longer period can adversely affect day-to-day life. Professional help is necessary to avoid a negative impact on life and intimacy.

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