Decorative Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Curtains dubai is offering great stuff of curtains in Abu Dhabi

Curtains Dubai is offering great stuff of Curtains for sliding glass doors which  are  popular shopping item, since sliding doors are now commonly like design relative to the conventional doors that require more space to open and close or the folding doors that took up too much space. Apart from the elegant touch and classy feel with many choices of the frame materials, having a sliding glass door allows ample sun light entering into the house which in another way saving some electricity cost during the day. Curtains for sliding glass doors acts well during summer or winter, having a simple 3 layers curtains that consists of sheers, a translucent lace and a velvet panels are great enough to control heat during summer, light during the days and provides enough insulation during winter. Typically sheers are recommended with lighter color or printed materials while the opaque curtains can be in darker shades.

if you prefer double layer curtains, the combination of sheers and coated curtains are most popular. A plain sheers in white or soft colors look awesome. Semitransparent lace curtains are great too but this will not block the vision from outside and some will have privacy concern over it. For opaque curtains, there are also silk and cotton range of fabric available for your choices. Choose and match well the combination and always refer back to your room decoration and colors for a well blended sliding door curtains of your style.

Use Simple and Classy Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

You can find different types of curtains for sliding glass door which you can consider; such as panel curtains, floor length curtains or spicing up curtains with valances. One of the best and smart choice of sliding glass door curtains is the full length curtains, just like having mirror to make the room feel bigger, this full length curtains, from the ceiling until the floor length, gives the impression of a taller room. Using a longer curtain rod which extend further at the end provides a neat and tidy look especially when the curtains are gathered there.

To spice up your curtains, install attractive, vibrant and shinny color valances to bring out the door design with your classy curtains. Either use the same fabric or strip of lace fabric to hold the curtains in place or use rich tie back to enhance the elegance look of your curtains.

Similarly, French doors has the aesthetic look and the curtains for French doors with glass panel can utilize the similar idea as this curtains for sliding glass doors. An amazing way to decorate the French door is by using panel curtains that give the clean and tidy look between the top and bottom rods.

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