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Decorating Your First Home? Buy Wooden Pillars Online

Your first home is always special. It deserves to be decorated with love and special attention. Don’t just fill it up things, decorate it with things that feel special, that tell a story and have a personal connection with your story. You’ll need furniture like chairs and tables, accent pieces, small décor artifacts and more. Like other types of furniture, you can buy wooden pillars online. In terms of heights, sizes and styles- there’s plenty to choose from. What matters is how you use these pillars in your home. Here are a few ideas.

Create a focal point in the corner

Wooden pillars are a great way to add interest to a corner. You can use a single pillar or a cluster of pillars of different heights. In small corners, placing a single wooden pillar with a table lamp is a great way to draw interest towards the space. By putting a lamp on the pillar, you can even make the space look bigger. This works well in compact entrance foyers and corridors. In a larger room, you could create a focal point by placing a cluster of 3 or 5 wooden pillars. Grouping an odd number of pillars together usually works better than grouping an even number of pillars. These pillars can be the base for ceramic planters with green plants, small curios or even a combination of both.

Use it as a room divider

If your home has a large open floor plan but you prefer having each area separate- you may want to use pillars to create visual space dividers. For example, you could arrange a few pillars in descending height  to separate a living and dining space. You could even use pillars outdoors to divide your balcony into two separate zones- one for your breakfast table and one for your plants. When it comes to outdoor spaces, wooden pillars are an excellent base for a potted climber plant.

Let the pillar do double duty as an accent table

A pillar is more than just a base for plants, it can be used as a high accent table as well. How about buying wooden pillars online and placing it beside a comfortable armchair… Alternatively, you could place a pillar beside the bar and use it as an extension of the bar counter. Think of it as a place to keep a bowl of nuts and other snacks.

One of the biggest advantages of buying wooden pillars online, is that you can see plenty of design options without leaving your home. Check out the dimensions and finishes to find one that suits your space. Once you place your order, the piece will be packed and delivered to your doorstep! It doesn’t get more convenient than this. The second major advantage of shopping for wooden furniture online is that you usually get better prices online. Since the brand owner does not have to pay for rental and has lower outgoings in terms of salaries for salesmen, they can pass their savings on to you. Furniture websites also often offer a number of seasonal discounts.

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