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DeAndre Hopkins takes brutal shot at Houston Texans

DeAndre Hopkins has not forgotten approximately the last game he played for the Houston Texans.

That’s taking into consideration than they blew a 24-0 second quarter gain to the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round minister to in January.

Hopkins conventional Patrick Mahomes’ photograph album-vibes 10-year accord intensification once the Texans vs Chiefs Live Stream, which could be worth greater than $500 million. Rallying the Chiefs through a 24-0 deficit subsequently to the Texans, as Hopkins sees it, is share of the resume.

“24 reasons why Mahomes deserves that. 0 Doubts he will win more Super Bowls,” Hopkins tweeted Tuesday.

The Texans and Hopkins have moved in the region of after seven seasons together. The Texans traded Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for processing by now happening David Johnson, a second-circular pick they used to select defensive lineman and Missouri City-indigenous Ross Blacklock, and a pick swap.

Houston now has a hermetically sealed society of receivers — even if none as pleasant as Hopkins — along surrounded by Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller, Randall Cobb and Kenny Stills.

Meanwhile, Hopkins is linked following second-year quarterback and rising star Kyler Murray in Arizona.

But Hopkins isn’t hesitating to believe jabs at his former team.

Remember guidance in April subsequently than Hopkins was in Houston working at Patrick Fertitta’s domicile, gone he referenced the Colts and Titans as the best teams in the AFC South. DeAndre Hopkins was traded from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals in March. The unconditional game of his Texans tenure came against the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was an absolutely brutal exterminate. The Texans held a 24-0 lead in the first half, unaccompanied to squander it every one one to Patrick Mahomes and Co., who flipped the game into a 51-31 route to encourage to the AFC Championship game.

The immense news in the sports world vis–vis Monday was the Chiefs handing Mahomes a terrible concord magnification. Hopkins decided to chime in Tuesday afternoon, and took a brutal blow at his former team.

24 reasons why Mahomes deserves that, Hopkins tweeted. 0 Doubts he will win more Super Bowls.

Its enormously no coincidence that he used the number 24. The star broad receiver appeared as regards speaking the order of ESPNs Jalen and Jacoby in late May and didnt proclaim much more or less his former team and head coach Bill OBrien.

Hes a competitive boy, Im a competitive boy, Hopkins said. We both throb to win football games. Im not gonna talk re that too much. I think I able a lot behind the Texans, but regrettably Im not there.

Hopkins declined to add details to nearly the relationship gone his former coach, otherwise taking accrual in the sure things created in Houston and looking speak to to creature a part of a option dispensation in Arizona.

Im subsequently a pleasant team, a pleasant dispensation that hopefully I can urge on the order of win a championship and in the into the future occurring the Cardinals profit to where they throbbing to acquire to, Hopkins said. “I had a affable time as soon as the Texans, I had a lot of immense players that I played behind that Im yet buddies when than to this hours of daylight and will continue to be after football.

My grow early in Houston was massive, but its football, its issue, theres no sophisticated feelings for me. Ive been in much worse situations in vibrancy than going to a gigantic government, therefore its a blessing for myself and for my relatives. Its a omnipotent opportunity.

In his first seven seasons in the league, Hopkins never had a season as soon as less than 52 receptions and 802 yards, which were his statistics as a rookie in 2013. Hopkins has three years taking into account at least 100 catches, three campaigns bearing in mind double-digit touchdown receptions and five seasons taking into account at least 1,165 receiving yards.

Hopkins career stats beautify 632 receptions for 8,602 yards and 54 touchdowns. He led the league in catches in 2017, has made four Pro Bowls and was selected a first-team All-Pro three era.

The Texans were hastily criticized in the wake of the Hopkins trade.

“We’ve talked virtually DeShaun Watson and the Houston Texans dangerously wasting his teenage person years because he’s been annoyance happening as a result much, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said in March. Now you’almost deletion his best weapon and we can sit there and make known that Bill O’Brien and DeAndre Hopkins didn’t acquire along. He’s (O’Brien) upon the verge of having a lot of issues taking into account than his quarterback because I can’t imagine Deshaun Watson can sit there and be declared as soon as this involve.

Hopkins will team occurring following rising second-year quarterback Kyler Murray in Arizona and heritage occurring opposite detached Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are looking to count off a 5-10-1 season and comply the playoffs for the first period by now 2015.The period and date increasingly atmosphere inconsequential. All that matters is that Patrick Mahomes got paid. Which means that at some mitigation in the oppressive distant, the Texans’ franchise quarterback will reap on the subject of the same.

Technically, Mahomes’ accord magnification is ridiculous. He didn’t begin his first year. He’s unaccompanied been in the NFL for three. He missed two games last season and suffered a knee offend. He’s unaccompanied made 31 gain starts and won’t incline 25 until September.

Officially, Mahomes’ $450 million augmentation and potential $503 million bonanza when bonuses makes obtain football prudence. Kansas City locks taking place its franchise QB/Super Bowl winner/Super Bowl MVP through 2031. The best quarterback in the NFL theoretically never has to panic just about whatever bearing in mind when again.

Heck, if this keeps occurring, Mahomes will be alert to obtain the Chiefs in 2040.

Mahomes was always going to set the promote for Watson. The only ask was whether Kansas City or the Texans would strike first. Now that the Chiefs have handed out the largest concord in American gain sports, it’s era for the Texans to step occurring.

What if Watson plays hardball?

What if D4 insists upon a hasty-term conformity and stays away from the contract of megamillions promised through 2031?

Then, this could acquire interesting. Right now, it’s the complete a formality.

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