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Dabpress vs Nugsmasher — Review And Comparison Of 2020

Characteristics of the best rosin press

When looking for the best rosin press, there are a few things we considered.

Shape of the plates: Rectangular plates work best

The ideal plate structure of a rosin press is longer and narrower. This is because this shape maximizes the perimeter of your press.

There is some more science and math behind this, but for our purposes, all you need to know is that a rectangular plate will generally outperform a square one.

Even heat distribution

Your rosin press should have uniform heat distribution. The way heat works to extract rosin is by melting the trichomes and other essential compounds into a lower viscous form.

By playing with the temperature, you can change the consistency of the rosin to either a shatter, butter, or pull n snap.

Many cheap rosin presses don’t have even heat distribution across their plates, and this leads to a lower quality rosin.


Rosin presses can get pretty pricey. So, it makes sense to only invest in a press that will last you years to come.

All of the best rosin presses on this list are designed by reputable manufacturers, and will stand the test of time. They include a warranty of some kind, so you can rest assured your investment is covered.

We will be updating this list periodically, and no spot is safe! If you are reading this post, know that you are looking at the best rosin presses at this point in time.

We will break down the best presses by type, cost, and application.

dabpress 6 ton rosin press


  • Long Working Life Guaranteed– Strong Frame Made of H-Shaped Steel Paired With 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Upgradable to 8 Tons), Heavy-Duty Spring Installed Into the Steel Frame Away From Working Area; Easy to Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack; Heating Rods is up to 6,000 Working Lifetime.
  • Accurate Temp Detected– Anodized Food-grade Working Surface Ensures the Best Flavor and Easy Cleanup; Independent Heating Rods & Sensors Guarantee an Accurate Temperature is Delivered & Detected.
  • 3×5″ Alignment Heated Platens– Top and Bottom Platen Remain in Perfect Alignment Through Pressing. 3×5″ Plate Size is Well Suited to Most Extraction Filters and Pre-Press Molds.
  • Replaceable Bottle Jack– Heavy Duty Compact Frame Rated up to 8 Tons Working Force.
  • Ideal Pressure for 1-14g Material – Integrated 6-ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack to Deliver Above 1,000 PSI if Pressing With 13 Square Inch Rosin Extraction Filters. 2×3″, 2×4″,2.5×4.5″ are the Suggested Size Filters for Use..
  • Great Heat Insulation Performance– Dual Insulation Layers Allows the Rosin Press Plates to Achieve 200 F in 8-10 Minutes and Protect the Machine from Heat-draining.
  • Portable Impact Rosin Press– Small Form-factor Ideal for Rosineer Needing Space Saving and Quick Storage.
  • Easy toRebuild into New Rosin Press – Procure A New Rosin Heat Press Machine via Removing Heated Plates and PID Controller Box from This Unit, then Paired with 10-20 Ton Hydraulic Press.


  • Do Not Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack with More Than 6 Ton
  • Choose A Bottle Jack with Similar Height and Size/Diameter
  • The height of Replacement Bottle Jack Less Than 9″
  • Point Head of Bottle Jack to the Circle of Bottom Platen

nugsmasher og

The Original NugSmasher has our recommendation as the best manual rosin press, because it presents the best value for your money. There are definitely more powerful models available (see the alternatives below), but they all cost a lot more. No other model combines high performance with low cost like this one.

The NugSmasher Original Rosin Extraction System stands only 17.75 inches tall and is 9 inches wide. It is quite heavy for a manual press at 74 pounds, but that is due to the extremely robust solid steel construction and the large smash plates.

Despite the compact size, the OG delivers up to 12 tons of pressure through dual heated extraction plates and can process up to 14 grams of material at a time. The plates use 160 watts each to heat rapidly. Accurate temperature control ensures the plates stay at the exact temperature you need.

All NugSmasher presses are made in the USA and incredibly well built. The manufacturer backs that up with a lifetime warranty.

  • Low Price:the OG is very well priced considering the capability and build quality
  • Extremely Robust:solid interlocked Amercian steel frame
  • Capacity:can process up to 14 grams of material at a time
  • Warranty:lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heavy:74 pounds is heavy for a manual press

nugsmasher mini

Plug And Play — No Compressor needed

Simply take the NugSmasher Mini out of the box, plug it in and turn it on. And that’s it! You’re ready to start extracting rosin.

Safety-First Design

The Nugsmasher requires multiple power circuits to run properly (this is all internal, so nothing you need to do except just turn it on). Using a primary power circuit and 3 sub-circuits and routing them all through high quality circuit breakers ensures the safest possible operation.

The circuit breakers are mounted on the front panel for easy monitoring and access. They are simple to reset, so even if the worst happens, you never need to halt operation for long.

Ultra-Precise Temperature Controls

Precise control of the heat plate temperature ensures smooth and consistent operation. Just set your desired temperature and the Mini will heat the plates accordingly and ensure a consistent heat level throughout your pressing session.

Rapid-Heating, Thermally-Isolated Plates

Both the top and bottom 70 watt heat plates on the Nugsmasher Mini are outfitted with heat cartridges. This ensures a quick start-up, an even distribution of heat across the entire plates and a consistent temperature during operation.

The top plate is thermally isolated to minimize the loss of heat from the pressing area. This isolation further ensures consistent temperatures and more efficient operation.

Rock-Solid Professional Design And Construction

The frame is constructed from robust interlocked American steel. The pressing plates are made from aircraft grade aluminum. Everything is designed and manufactured by Premiere Manufacturing’s experienced designers and engineers in a 40,000 square foot workshop in Corona, CA. They have created one of the most robust and indestructible rosin presses available, despite the compact size.

Lifetime Warranty And Followup

Since we are an authorized dealer, you can buy from us and know you are completely covered for life by the actual manufacturer. NugSmasher will always be available to assist you with any questions or issues during normal business hours and they offer 100% coverage for life on all products they manufacture.

Take a look at the instruction manual for info on the use of this press.



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