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CureMD; Pricing, Reviews, and Demo

About CureMD EMR

CureMD is a medical software solutions company that provides users with cloud based software solutions. The software can execute many tasks which include administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, taking patient history, documenting patient visits and much more.CureMD also has a billing software which helps medical practices keep on top of their billing and financial situation to know how you are doing overall. 


In this piece we will talk about everything related to CureMD; from CureMD reviews to CureMD pricing and more. Keep reading to find out more! 

Features of CureMD EMR 

Scheduling Appointments 

One of the best features in CureMD is the scheduling feature which allows for you to be able to make appointments seamlessly. With this feature, you can schedule an optimal level of appointments per day so that you ensure you are seeing as many patients as possible during that day. The software also looks at availability of the physician, the equipment and the exam room needed to conduct the appointment before it gives you a set time and date! All in all, this feature helps you out a lot in terms of scheduling. 

Patient Portal 

The next feature we want to tell you about which is heavily praised in CureMD reviews is the patient portal feature which enables your patients to log on to a portal and take care of their own treatment with you. From scheduling their own appointments to looking at upcoming appointments and more; patients can do a lot through the patient portal which allows you to relax as these small administrative tasks are done by the software for you. 

Workflow Editor 

The workflow editing feature is perhaps the best and a very unique feature of this software. The software looks at your preferences when you use the software and slowly starts making suggestions which match your preference instead of you having to manually choose those preferences which in the end helps you save time! 

Auto Note 

Auto note is a feature in CureMD which a lot of CureMD reviews cite as being the best feature. This feature automatically starts making suggestions for whatever paragraph you are writing as it assumes what it thinks would be appropriate for you.


The e-prescription feature in CureMD helps you to make prescriptions online for your patients which is convenient for both parties. With this software you can send the prescription directly to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patients which eventually enables you to save time as the patient does not have to come in to get a prescription paper. 


The interoperability feature in CureMD helps you to make better clinical decisions. You can make diagnoses which are more accurate at a faster pace than before. The software allows you to look at stats and information from other users on the network to see what kind of cases they are getting and what they are doing about them. This helps you figure out what to do faster since you have access to more information. 

Pricing and Reviews

CureMD is a very good option as far as EHR software goes. The software pricing begins at $195 per month per user and the pricing only goes up as you want to access premium and better versions of the software. 


And as for CureMD reviews well these are also largely positive. On most websites these reviews are 4 stars or above which is an incredible average rating. All in all, we highly suggest that you read these reviews so you can have a better idea about how they are like! 


Final Verdict; is CureMD Worth it?

If you are now wondering whether or not we would recommend CureMD to you as a software then we have to tell you that we cannot exactly make a recommendation randomly but can only help you come to your own decision. 


We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare those features to the features in CureMD to see if all or most of your needs for an EHR software are even met. 


The next thing we suggest you do is read as many CureMD reviews online as you can since these reviews will give you a fair idea of what this software is like according to current users so that you know if it is worth your time. 

And the final thing we suggest is asking the vendor of the software for a CureMD demo so you can see the software in action and figure out whether or not this software would be right for you or not! 

 If you are thinking about investing in CureMD then we can help you come to a decision with our extensive review about the product! Thank you for reading the article.


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