A Complete Guide To Credit Card Processing For Startups In America

Small businesses and startups in the United States America need the best credit card processing for small business if they want to be competitive in the market.

Small businesses and startups in the United States America need the best credit card processing for small business if they want to be competitive in the market. When choosing the best credit card processing company, time and cost are important things to consider because startups and small businesses have limited resources to spare.

The importance of credit card processing

A lot of consumers are using credit cards to buy products and services. Some customers’ decision to buy something depends on whether or not the provider accepts credit cards. Cash is no longer an option for buyers and this means that small businesses and startups that do not accept credit cards are missing out on business. Card processing is very straightforward. However, if you have not familiarized yourself with credit card payment processing, you should read our previous guides to know how it works.

Methods of credit card processing

There are more than one-way customers can pay for services and products. However, you need to know the best payment method that will work well for your business. Let us look at some of the most common credit card processing methods.

Credit card terminal

This method is common in most places and it involves hardware that allows customers to scan their credit cards and process a transaction. It is a trusted and simple solution although it comes with some issues. The terminals are not always portable so if you run a mobile business then you will need other types of credit card processing for small business. Another issue is that outdated credit card systems can hinder your business so if you decide to go the traditional route then you should invest in EMV-enabled hardware.

Merchant account

This is typically used when accepting online payments together with a payment gateway. A merchant account is a good option for businesses that receive a lot of payments because expenses can be higher than the credit card terminal. Merchant accounts are convenient because they double as an online and in-store solution. However, you will pay transaction fees, monthly fees and fees for the associated gateway.

Third-party processors

These are also referred to as payment facilitators and it is an all-in-one solution. It embodies some of the best bits of merchant accounts without excess fees and drawn-out process for signing up. However, these processors are susceptible to be less secure. They are more prone to fraud so it is better to choose a provider that offers high-grade encryption.

How to choose a credit card processor for your business

Choosing the best credit card processing for small business in America can be a little bit tricky. However, when it comes to choosing a credit card processor, there are a few important things to bear in mind. You should ask providers the right questions and make sure you get the right answers. You need to ask them about any additional fees they charge, what their fees for manual input, swiping and online payments are, whether there is any processing limit and how long it will take for you to be approved.

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