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Covid 19 vaccines are an alternative to the Viro Spectrum Shield

Huge global efforts to introduce COVID vaccines use dramas for fear of getting the disease, although they are experimental. This means that they have not gone through rigorous, time-consuming. Costly randomized clinical trials that so many experts say are the gold standard of evaluating drugs. This absence  use the government to denounce and block the generic drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Vaccine testing and regulatory approval  hasten. There are a few key issues that are missing from almost all the information that has reached the public.

Vaccines still allow the virus to remain in the body. The virus can be transmitted to others, In other words, the virus may be alive in the community. Moreover, all sorts of ugly side effects can and do hurt some vaccinated people. What vaccines engineer to do prevents the effects of deadly diseases. death but does not actually. Completely keep the virus alive in your body. In other words, unlike most older vaccines for other viral diseases. They do not actually kill the virus. But they do have the goal of killing the viral effects with some immunity.

Covid-19 background

Covid-19, to date, has infected 56,363,099 people worldwide and killed 387,568 people. In the United States, 1,859,135 confirmed infections, and 107,450 died. Illness is easily transmitted and the mortality rate tends to be critical when the sharpness becomes extraordinarily high. In many cases, patients are admitted for more than a week to treat flu-related illnesses. As a country kid, I lived in a very small town of about 500 people. While a low mortality rate has been criticized, more than 100,000 deaths are equivalent to many small towns and communities.

Covid-19 enters and influences social, psychological, community, and workplace settings in four main ways. Physical involvement first. Individuals are unknowingly socially infected or they are exposed to contact with a known positive tested person. Covid-19 is impacting our world in a second way through irresistible healthcare systems. Think of the explosions and imagine the temporary hospitals that happened in Italy and New York as well.

The number of healthcare workers does not automatically go to the treatment of any virus; Safe care practices by several patients per nurse per patient began to significantly surpass. As a result, the facilities become overly stretched and this, in turn. Spreads the virus of internal benefits and increases the risk to the health of the community.
Covid 19 vaccines are an alternative to the Viro Spectrum Shield
Covid 19 vaccines are an alternative to the Viro Spectrum Shield

Third, the effects of Covid-19 are the result of media ‘over’ coverage. Awareness is a great thing, over coverage calls for a change in human fear behavior that in this situation, does not allow people to go to the hospital for serious fatal situations. People with cardiovascular health who should have a check-up suddenly stop going. Those who go to ER and emergency care facilities take a sudden risk to avoid Covid-19.

Further, people with mental health problems, drug addiction, and rehabilitation need to stop taking care of seeking care. It has significantly affected the economic situation, unemployment. Social behaviors in terms of how individuals now forced to choose and respond differently.

Data, reopening, and concern

In the state of Wisconsin, where I currently live. The state Supreme Court overturned the state governors’ stay on home order on May 13, 2020. Allowed businesses to open while emphasizing social distance. Currently, after about 22 days. The state has increased the record number four times and confirmed only three points of shortfall in total cases per day. Suddenly what was not going well got worse.

However, the social settings of the community, such as bars and restaurants. Continue to increase in volume and the social distance does not practice when face masks use about half the people. In the same window of time, the total death data spikes six times a day with three short lulls.

Vaccine advocates are selling serious COVID prevention.

My recent book in Pandemic Blender (available on Amazon)  details. A mountain of powerful medical data showing that protocols  use very quickly. When several cheap, safe, proven, and effective drugs, vitamins, and supplements  use worldwide to stop COVID. It has significantly affected the economic situation in countries where they  widely admitt to COVID hospitals. The mortality rate is significantly lower than in the United States and other countries that have blocked their use.

Overall, they prevented 70 to 80 percent of COVID 19 deaths. The main requirement is that they use within a few days of the onset of symptoms or positive test. Equally important, the huge amount of data also shows that these treatment solutions also act as prophylactics to keep people healthy after being infected with the virus, meaning prevention.

In other words, people have the right to choose between the COVID vaccine.The many protocols that have been classified as components of early home COVID treatment.

This choice is even more relevant when one acknowledges that a large number of people do not need a vaccine to get COVID immunity. Why? Because a large number of people have acquired natural immunity or immunity because they have contracted COVID. But without serious side effects. In countries where they  widely admitte to COVID hospitals.The mortality rate is significantly lower than in the United States. Other countries that have blocked their use.

In the same window of time, the total death data spikes six times a day with three short lulls. Evidence of vaccine-free immunity is ubiquitous. With children and older people in nursing homes. Who are healthier than others in their cohabitation who died and often died.

Yes, there are some groups that are good at taking vaccines

These include people like me who have serious underlying treatment problems with age-related diseases .Even younger people with serious treatment-related diseases, including chronic obesity. I took the Covid Vaccine because my heart condition is very serious.

But I still take twice a day with strong evidence for the effectiveness of these protocols: zinc, quercetin, vitamins D and C where people can get into hydroxychloroquine and vermin. Where there are a few Americans who are willing and able to advise them. They take regular doses for prevention, usually with zinc and vitamins D and C.

The science-based choice comes down to how best to stay safe in this epidemic. Even if they do not follow the data. It seems that about 40 to 50 percent of Americans. Who do not want to get this vaccine have seen it firsthand. This is especially true for young people who have seen enough official data that even if they get saved. They probably won’t have a terrible effect. Evidence of vaccine-free immunity is ubiquitous,

The push for the vaccine has been associated with many politicians who continue to argue for uninterrupted contagion control (such as masking, school closures, and lockdowns) until everyone is vaccinated. We are running a special right now until July 5th for 40% off with a coupon code “COVID FREE”.

There is nothing more to be done about this widely circulated “pursuit of science” and the maintenance of public fear and political power. And never forget the wisdom of “follow the meaning”. The push for the vaccine is related to the companies making billions of dollars. For More

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